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The paradise that captivates us also serves to guides or force us through life. Paradise is an ideal that lasts until we don a new persona.

It is the concept of a perfect lifetime moment that remains static in our minds. During our pursuit of perfection, we meet friends who can route us from what we seek or enemies who keep us steadfast in our journey towards that blissful, ever-present moment called paradise.

What never changes are the people, events, or objects we meet along the way. The journey shall forever be more important than the destination. For it is the companions we encounter that determine where we arrive.

Welcome, friends, to the new Word of the Week!

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The Paradise WOTW has concluded!
Who are our winners?


Paradise Winners!

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1ST@mineopolyEvolution of Paradise50 POB
2ND@wrestlingdesiresA One Way Trip To Paradise?30 POB
3RD@samsmith1971Little Pieces of Paradise - happy places, mindful spaces, joyful lives20 POB
4TH@mrenglishParadise: A Continuum You Never Knew10 POB
5TH@kevinnag58My Personal Paradise - POB Word of the Week - Paradise5 POB

I'm not sure when Calumam is returning.

  • Due to his absence, I will need to change some things to make funding more continuous for the contest.
  • It will require that I discontinue the WOTW for a couple of weeks before taking it up again.


Merit System Results

Grading Criteria

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Calcumam - Word of the Week

Paradise Grades

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Visit the grading bases for more details!

Paradise Rankings

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Engagement Statistics

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WOTW Overall Activity

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WOTW Paradise Activity

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Paradise Top 10 Authors (By Votes)

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Paradise Top 10 POB Rewards

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For the sake of brevity, I have included the top ten author rewards of this contest. However, a breakdown is available below:

GroupPOB Rewards
Top 10 Authors1091 POB
Validated Authors(34) Authors will receive a total of 2520 POB
All Authors(40) Authors using the pob-wotw tag receives a total of 3058 POB

There were a total of (40) authors utilizing the POB-WOTW contest for paradise:

  • One person was disqualified from the contest due to tag abuse.
  • One person was evaluated for tag abuse due to duplicate posts but remains in the contest as the issue seems system-related.


WOTW Team Appreciation

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NameReasonAmount (POB)
@nonsowritesGrading Assistance, User Engagement100 POB
@amr008.pobAutomation Maintenance & Development1000 POB (delegation from @calumam)


Contest Rules

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Every week, Calumam chooses a word for the contest. His expectation is for community members to share their thoughts on that word during the contest week.

Recommendations to avoid disqualification
  • Plagiarized articles will lead to contest disqualification and likely more.
  • Don't use the #pob-wotw tag more than once per article submission.
  • Don't write an article about next week's word.
Helpful Hints
  • Include the selected word in your article (we are not mind readers)
  • Please include the #pob-wotw tag in your article submission.
  • Use the front-end.
  • This week's contest starts 15/08/21 @ 00:00 UTC
  • This week's contest ends 22/08/21 @ 00:00 UTC; no new entries are accepted after this time without consideration.

New Users

Are you new to Hive, or is this your first time posting to POB? There are some articles that the community recommends for reading:


The Word for THIS Week

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The word for THIS week is COMPANION

The word for NEXT week is solitude.

What's next for the WOTW?

Interest, engagement, and rewards drive the word of the Week contest. We have the interest, as well as the engagement. We need a rewards fund. Calumam had it, but I do not.

  • After the Solitude WOTW contest concludes, I will need to halt the WOTW contest for 2 - 4 weeks. I need to build up liquid. I'm new to managing contests.
    • I need to formalize updates to the WOTW grading
    • Review community posts for use cases and governance
    • Evaluate changes to grading methods and human performance
  • The result will be a more challenging and fun WOTW.

I also want to explore an expansion of the contest to other areas.


Do you like contests?

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Image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay

If you love contests, #proofofbrain has contests just for you! The table below presents a few authors, along with examples of their contests. Dates may vary when each new contest occurs, so be sure to follow along to get the most recent updates!

AuthorContest Examples
@calumamWord of the Week
@rentmoneyStupid Question/Dumb Answer Game
@dibblers.dabsA Tale of Two Pizza's Ongoing Contest (WEEK 2)
@diebitchPOB - Happiness Contest 2 - Olympic Edition
@wiseagentSpreading POB (#10): The POB Farewell.
@aiunaPOB ART CONTEST SCORE- How is the race for victory going?
@purepinayBuilding and Sustaining our Hive Onboarded Community! Contest Inside - 5 Winners of 5 Hive!

I can't remember how I stumbled on purepinay's articles, but I found them fascinating. From what I've read, she actively works to onboard new HIVE users. They're an exploration of life and onboarding. I recommend participating in her contest and reviewing some of her work.

Did you miss the current contest? No problem! Just stay in tune with these authors and more. There will be more contests that follow!


In Closing

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Thanks to the community for supporting our fellow authors. I look forward to providing more in the future. Thank you for reading and following on throughout my Hive journey.

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