And sometimes that is a good thing.

For five years next month I've been ranting on blockchains about downvotes being bullshit.

Most of my original friends from Steemit threw in the towel long ago, and the main reason in many cases was that they were so fucking sick of being downvoted, while watching whales using downvoting to support an insider cartel and promote a leftist agenda.

When Hive started out in March last year I made a point of no longer complaining or ranting about anything. I walked away from all the negativity and never posted or commented on Steemit ever again after the hardfork. I was glad to see the back of the place when I finished all my power downs, and realised with hindsight that it had been a dead zone for nearly two years.


So why am I still here?

I seldom reveal much about myself online these days, but here goes a few bits of unsalted data: I like Hive (the idea, and the front ends) and want the platform to succeed. I have more than a dozen accounts, and in terms of HP, this #frot one has never been my biggest investment. Over the past five years I have done pretty well on cryptos, mainly by virtue of thinking of them all as giant ponzi schemes, and making sure I bought low and sold high.

So I don't think it is necessary to fully believe in a crypto or a blockchain to use it. And the sorry truth about Steemit/Hive is that I think they have always been corrupt at the core, but like the convid hoax, most people are blind to that. The ones that have researched it and been red pilled have mostly quit. I have stayed on, despite thinking the platform is part psyop and part scam, but I am probably an addict...

The reason I'm a supporter of #lucylin is because he is expressing the same frustrations I have here after five years. I wish he was wrong about Hive, but ultimately I think he is bang on.



And the reason I'm a supporter of #proofofbrain is that I hope that it could potentially be an uncensored platform - which Hive will never be. Sooner or later I hope that downvoting within POB will be controlled, and if that happens I will be more optimistic and more inclined to invest in it. In the meantime I've been dipping my toe in and wondering if it could work.


I support this proposal by #trostparadox and hope that eventually, in some form, it goes through.


This year I also hoped to see the price of cryptos really take off, and they still might, but I feel like the latest crypto bull run has done it's dash, and am mainly holding stable coins at this point. For the record I have no great faith in cryptos and think BTC in particular is a trojan rather than a savior.


At the start of the plandemic in early 2020, I went hard out trying to expose the evil plan, and it has certainly all played out exactly as predicted, but I can't be arsed anymore. Thankfully there are people like #active-truth doing a brilliant job researching and exposing it, and I tip my hat to everyone who is still fighting. I am a burnout case myself.


Laughter and creativity are as rare as hen's teeth in these fucked up times, and I figure it is probably better, both for me, and for the incestuous little online world in general, if I focus on those two things rather than attempting to argue with a wall of blue pilled zombies.


Fight on guys, you have my full support!. From this point I'm going to focus more on art and having a laugh. I'm at the point where I have to laugh at this clown show or my head is going to pop...


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