Brofund accounts and HIVE - PART 1

Good morning to everyone , hope you all are having a great day .

Right from first week , the data analysis team has been posting about BRO but if you had observed - we never posted about Hive and BRO - we only concentrated on HE tokens and their earnings and dividends .

So today I decided to make a post to talk about Brofund accounts and Hive . As the title says , this is part 1 since I don't want to incorporate everything into one post .

In this post we shall see mainly how many comments / posts have been made by brofund accounts historically and how much Hive and HBD has been transferred from Brofund accounts to others . Next week we shall continue and see how much Hive / HBD we have received and also talk about author and curation rewards .

Comments and posts - week wise


Note that this is weekly chart . Which means each bar represents each week .

We can see that the highest activity was in 2nd week of March but the more surprising part for me is the highest activity week was only 92 comments + posts .

I really think BRO will earn much more if we post / comments more every week . The more BRO account earns , the more BRO is worth.

Comments and posts - distinguished


Well this is not surprising , the comments count for each week is obviously greater than the post count but the insight that we can take home from this chart is that in last couple of weeks we have been seeing posts constantly from BroFund accounts which is good news since we all know how important it is to post regularly .

There were couple of weeks in April and May if you observe where there was no single post and comments - I think there are very less chances of that happening again since @raymondspeaks has hired analyst teams and other teams to post on various days .

Comments and posts - based on accounts


There are many BRO accounts as you all know . But if you look at this chart , it is very clear that only two accounts are active in posting / commenting and they are @brofund and @brofund-leo .

Another observation that can be made from this is that @brofund-leo was active in commenting in the starting of the year but lately it has just been @brofund which is active .

Amount of Hive sent from BroFund accounts


Well note that this includes Hive sent from @brofund to @brofundholdings too but it shouldn't matter if you just want to know the amount of Hive sent .

Now just take a moment and realize that combined - 200k Hive has been sent which is 96k USD ( current price ) . All of this has been sent with 0 fees :)

Amount of HBD sent from BroFund accounts


Nothing much to explain here , it is self explanatory .

Amount of Hive transferred to vesting .


This is nothing but amount of Hive powered up .

September 2020 was the biggest month in terms of power up .

Again in the first week of Feb this year we have powered up significant amount of Hive .

Fact: In Sept 2020 , the price of HIVE/USD was around 18 cents .

That's it from me for today . Next week I will be back and let us continue this analysis .

Regards ,
BRO analysis team .

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