Dismantling (sh) it

Today wasn't great. I had a horrific night's sleep, woke up about twenty or more times (ok fine probably hyperbole but it felt that many ok?), StarBeam was constantly trying to lie on top of either Lory or myself, I was sore, irritated and exhausted.

After various short stints of sleep, my alarm went off and I got up and just decided to face the day. I've somehow managed to injure my jaw on the right side and it's rather painful. I hardly ever take painkillers, but this morning, I took two, they were necessary. I got breakfast sorted for Lory and then there was a vehicle outside - the water people had arrived to water the front lawn even though I had only ordered water for next Tuesday. Communication gaps happen between languages I suppose. Apologies issues and my next port of call - coffee - before the day devolves further, oh please can there just be coffee.

I managed to get that sorted without mishap. Yay.

Conversations that I wanted to have face to face couldn't happen for a variety of reasons, the personal issues I'm dealing with were weighing on me, I then ran into issues with a website and by mid day I was frustrated out of my brackets.

On a slightly positive note, at least there wasn't the standard electricity load shedding twice today, so I was able to get stuck into some work without that going down.

I decided I needed to do something physical. Seeing as I'm in the process of dismantling everything here that wasn't here when I moved in, the vegetable patch and compost heap were my victims today. It felt good to go and open my toolboxes, pull out my claw hammer and go break apart the fence around the compost pile. I actually really enjoyed knocking and clawing out those nails - I normally would have put the thing together with screws but considering it was never intended to be a permanent feature I was really happy today with the fact that it was just nailed together.

Wooden Struts.png

I dismantled it piece by piece and it felt good to move my body a bit and even when it presented problems, I used my wit to solve them and I got it apart. I then shovelled up the compost and placed it around the 5 fruit trees in the garden and one that's just an ornamental flowering bush thing. I have no idea what it's called and I doubt I'll ever look it up either.

Pomegranate Mulching.png

Considering this place is going into it's "desert" like summer, I was pleasantly surprised to find a few earthworms in the compost, a few accidental potatoes that Lory found entertaining and dubbed "adorable", I even found an Avo in the making. Doubt that tree will last long in this climate but good luck to it.


Against All Odds Avo.png

Accidental Potatoes 2.png

I then pulled apart the trellis that we grew peas up and made a start on taking down the veggie patch. I've decided I'll use the soil as a topping on the front lawn, who knows it might even make a difference to whether it ever returns to a shade of green again.
By the end of this I was dirty and hot but I felt like I'd made something happen, one step closer to packing this place up and moving forwards.

And yes, all of my photos today are brown because everything here at the moment is brown. Even my ice white cat Snowball can't live up to her name because she's taken on a shade of brown and being 14 years old, there's no way I'd be able to wash that off her. She doesn't seem to mind though so that's all that matters to me. She's a sweetheart.

It wasn't a nice day, but at least it was productive.

Perhaps tomorrow will be better. Everything will still be brown, but maybe my mood won't be.

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Calvin & Hobbes - Bill Watterson
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