👽RugDoc.io helps you to Ape into newly created farms on BSC or Polygon

Dear HODLers,

Today we are going to discuss a website I just found out that would be VERY helpful to a lot of apes and shitcoiners out there ! Poke @trumpman.


First of all, this website gives a lot of information about new projects and therefore most of them are not good projects to invest in. Remember this, most of these are VERY HIGH RISK projects.


On the landing page, you can filter the network in which you want to look for farms, put your level of risk and if this farm's contracts were audited.


One of the cool features is clearly the calendar one. You can see all the different farms and their launch date.

It actually helped me to see how many BSC farms are launched each day, so many will either not raise any capital or be rugpools. So, beware.

I looked at a few that launched today such as Papasmurf, Cookieswap and Aliend Defi.

When you click on the name of one of these farms here is the page you land to:


Rugdoc.io gives some of their insight on the project but this is just for information.


CookieSwap managed to raise quite a lot of capital compared to other projects listed below. As you will see most of the new farms are some kind of fork to either Goose finance, Pantherswap, etc...

Actually as I digged deeper and even if I do not believe in this project, I am going to play with the USD or BNB dens still sitting at >2500% APY. Wish me luck...

If you plan to join me: remember, this is aping!. You might lose it all. It has also the same name as another exchange called cookieswap and that has 20 mns TVL. Btw, this one should launch some farms soon, maybe something to watch out I guess.


It looks like Goose (4% fees upfront). Except they have a very quick emission rate reduction (deflationnary I guess). But They do not have any kind of Kingdoms implemented yet and they are announcing "New layer" on June 25th, 2021.

In any case, I should be gone by then :D

Initial Emission Rate: 0.8 $COOKIE/Block
Reduction Rate: 12%
Reduction Interval: Every 12 hours ~ 14,400 Blocks
Final Emission Rate: ~0 $COOKIE/Block

Please consider using this referral link: https://www.cookie-swap.finance/?ref=0kq2O56SQ08r0363on1OSSrP1p8Os700759sROoRP9

They are listed on Dappradar WEN CubDeFi.io !?


So that is all from me today, but it looks like a never ending DeFi gambling dapp if you ask me.

But they do have a lot of traffic so we might want to get listed on there too.



See you on the other side !


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