🐯AskLEO #2 - 🤓 Prepare your AMA questions !

Hello Lions, CUBs,


Since the post from last week gathered interesting questions for the LIVE CUB x LeoFinance AMA; I thought we could continue this initiative and share some of the community's questions before the AMA.

I would like once again to thank @khaleelkazi and @nealmcspadden for this difficult job to do weekly AMAs. You have to answer difficult questions and sometimes frustration from LEO or CUB Holders. So thank you for sticking to it

Even if this week should be more positive considering $CUB price xD.

Below is the previous AMA, where Khal answers all of our questions!

Questions for tomorrow's AMA


  • Is there an easy way for a non-tech user to see all the burns being made through management fees / deposit fees? Is there a way to see these fees on a daily / weekly frame?

Background: As I have been aping on https://rugdoc.io/ where there are new projects launching every day. I noticed that a lot of the new farms incorporated some kind of transaction tax when a user would buy or sell the base asset (CUB in our case), some part of this tax would burn back the base asset and another part would be added to the CUB-BUSD or CUB-BNB LPs to increase liquidity.

  • Is there any plans to develop a transaction tax for Cubdefi.com?

Questions from the audience:

  • Where can we see the BNB we have earned from being in the CUB Kingdom?

  • Will the DEC-BUSD farm be migrated to Kingdoms?

Please if you have some questions, write them in the comments

I will edit this post to make it easier to read.


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