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Hi! I'm @thejoeprocess from Hive and this is my Hive story.

I already covered from my previous post that it's been a month since I started posting here. And it's been a wonderful experience so far. I've stated there that I have bouts of brain fog due to some minor mental health issues and maybe due to my Covid experience. And my short time here on Hive significantly improved my mental well-being.

Aside from contracting Covid--which I suspect was one of the causes of my brain fog experience I also realized that the lack of sleep contributed to it. It also doesn't help that during my waking hours my mind is in constant work. I gots lots of ideas, things that I want to do, political rants and silly shower thoughts that I want to express. Though I tell my wife everything about it, it's still different when I have an outlet that I get to share my thoughts in a creative way.

That's what Hive means to me.

To express myself through a creative way without the fear of judgment from others.

Honestly, that's why I don't post my creations on Facebook because I find it very toxic and it makes me anxious. And that's what separates Hive from other social media platforms. The community here is very encouraging and supportive.

It helps me unload some of my frustrations and negativities in life. At the same time, my creations are monetized instantly. No requirements needed such as number of subscribers and watch hours. It means so much to a newbie content creator like me that there's a platform that values your content without asking too much.

Through making content and sharing it here on Hive, I've somehow improved my mental well-being. Though I still experience brain fog, it's not as frequent as before. And I believe that my time here on Hive had a significant contribution.

Keeping myself busy with creating content and joining contests like these give me a sense of accomplishment. By making this blog, I am hitting two birds with one stone. This is an official entry to the #HiFromHive contest initiated by @livinguktaiwan and I also made an NFT as an entry to Curate's contest about mental health. If you're interested you can read the mechanics here.


Hive Mind, Joe Process 2021
This entry is an animation loop of my previous illustration Brain Fog. I also tried my newly discovered style, pixel art.
<<<<< BUY IT HERE >>>>>

I really like posting here on Hive and I hope you like reading it.

Once again, this is @thejoeprocess from Hive. See you on my next post!

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