Splinterlands New Account Growth is through the roof!

Our daily new subscriber count continues to grow as we welcome the hordes of eager new players who are joining us every day. Growth isn't generally linear, and we are no exception: it took us two years to reach the 100+ average daily sign-ups bench mark last November. After that it only took us three months to triple that number to 300+ daily sign ups in March, and 400+ daily sign-ups in June.
Take a look at our daily average new sign-up numbers for the past year, through last month:

Pretty sweet, right? We've more than quadrupled our average daily sign-ups in one year. These are some satisfying numbers alright, but it only gets better when we add in July. Check out what happens to this happy graph with the addition of the last 15 days of exciting growth:

Bam! We are rocketing right up. The first half of July shows an average sign-up rate of more than 950 new players each day. In fact, more than 10% of all Splinterlands accounts were created in just the last fifteen days. Over 13,000 new players have signed up to play in the last two weeks alone, more than any other full month in game history. If the second half of July is anything like the first half, we are set to break 130,000 users before August.

The sign-up serge is thanks in large part to the scholars joining us from the Yield Guild Games community, and new players coming from the Wax community, who, we suspect, are eager to try out our epic free to play model.

Things are certainly heating up over here at Splinterlands. Come join our rapidly growing discord channel to ask questions, learn the ropes, and connect with our amazing community. We're glad to have you!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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