Earning Through NFT Real Estate

I can remember when I was younger playing the video game GTA(Grand Theft Auto) and am always trying to pass a mission because I want to get paid for that mission. The money gotten from the mission can be used to do a lot of things, you could buy a car with it, you could buy a house, you could go for shopping or go cut your hair with it. Then I was excited for the money I can’t use, or utilize in real life. But the feeling I got was really exciting.


Now fast forward to 2021, you can now make money through NFT gaming. I love the fact that you can own an NFT land and can rent it out to earn passive income, that huge and massive. So that means, those houses I bought in GTA imagine I could make real life money by renting it out.

NFT land is becoming a huge deal in the crypto blockchain world. Imagine 7 year and someone had told you that you could buy a virtual house for $50,000, what would have been your response. I’m certain you would consider anyone that buys a virtual house STUPID.

Now let’s look at this idea
Imagine buying your real physical house but it comes in an NFT form along with it. That is you buy an NFT house but it’s also a real house. You know due to smart contracts and how they eliminate the middle men and gives authenticity of ownership to the building instead of gruesome tiring paperworks. This time you can make money with your physical house and your virtual NFT house. You can decide to live in your physical house and rent out your NFT house or you can decide to rent out your physical house, and also rent out your NFT building to co gamers or use it for advertising.

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