Introducing me.

Hello Hive!
I’m Kaye and a newbie in this blogging platform. My blogging journey began on Steemit. Unfortunately, I no longer have access to it because I lost my password. After three long years of hiatus in writing, I finally regained the confidence and strength to pursue this passion. A friend of mine encouraged me to get back to blogging and who also happens to be my onboarder, THE @nikkabomb.

A lot has happened in three years. It was a challenging phase, with sleepless nights and acne breakouts. However, I’ve always yearned to pursue my passion for blogging, arts, and photography. My heart is giddy with excitement in joining this community.

Ladies & gentlemen, her.


Hello again, my name is Kaye and some of my friends call me Grasya. You’re probably wondering why I chose the username “pankayek”. Long story short, I love pancakes and I thought it was catchy. Well, guess I was wrong.


Moving on, I’m a civil engineer who enjoys writing essays, blogs, and poetry. Photography, travel, arts, and crafts are my favorite hobbies. I love learning new things and venture areas that are outside of my comfort zone. Recently, I’ve found interest in copywriting and bracelet making. I do have a lot of hobbies and am labeled as “a jack of all trades”. I may not be good at some things I do but I do believe in the saying, “a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”


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My heart is captivated by my cutie doggo, Luna. I enjoy her presence and love to play with her. She consumes most of my energy. I also have a tiny cutie in my room. Tanjiro, the hamster, I just love watching him play and run around his habitat. I hope someday I’m able to transfer him to a much bigger space.



I'm currently involved in farming and gardening. This has served as a stress reliever for me. Fresh fruits and vegetables are beneficial to our health as well as our finances. Agriculture has always been an inspiration to me because my grandparents on my mother's side were farmers who were able to fund their seven children's education. I hope to share their life story with you all someday.

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What you’ll expect from my blogs

Life journey
I’d love to share with you my experiences and the lessons I’ve learned throughout the process.

Arts & Crafts
I’m not great at arts and am still in the process of learning and enhancing my skills. I’d love to share with you my development.

Mental Health
I know that this certain topic has always been neglected by society. I want to spread awareness to people that mental health is important.

It’s been a while since I’ve written my last poem. I’d love to post my unpublished poems here on Hive and share it all with you.

Farming & Gardening
I want to share with you the importance of agriculture and how it contributes greatly to our daily living. I’ll also share with you some tips and techniques for planting and growing your mini-farm that is doable in urban areas.

Travel, Lifestyle, & Food
I’ve missed traveling so badly. I’d love it if I could show you the beauty of Northern Mindanao. However, the situation does not allow me to travel outside my province but rest assured I will give you a tour of all the interesting and captivating places here in Misamis Occidental.

I think that’s about it. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I’m hoping you’ll find my future blogs helpful, inspiring, and motivating.

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