Abuse and Plagiarism

Abuse and plagiarism is discouraged and strongly frowned upon on Hive. Some users do it deliberately because they want to milk the most rewards with the least effort. They never last long on Hive. Others do it because they don't realise that it is unacceptable to copy and paste content from the internet. The posts in this collection talk about what abuse and plagiarism is and how to avoid it.

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Hive is decentralised, but there are enough people that care about the platform to take it upon themselves to combat abuse. @slobberchops gives an overview of some of the work done.

As a newbie, the last account you want to comment on your post is @hivewatchers. They are one of the major groups combating abuse and plagarism. Read this post to make sure you don't run into them

Here's a useful guide by @adalger on how you can avoid plagarism by following a few simple rules

If you're unsure what exactly constitutes plagiarism, you can take a look at this post from @scholaris. It also contains some other very useful posts for newbies.

@sidwrites talks about how to find and use images that won't get you in trouble with copyright issues

@pitboys provides a list of copyright free websites and talks about how you can use images to improve you Hive post SEO rating


Curators on Hive are on a constant check for abuse and plagiarism. This very useful post from @pitboy is a godsend to make curators' job easier.

If you come across any post that will be a useful addition to @newbies-guide, you are welcome to suggest them to us on our Discord channel https://discord.gg/Y9UY6CmJV5. They can either be written by yourself or somebody else. You won't get any rewards for your suggestion but the post author will get rewards if we include them in the Collections. Plus you will be helping out newbies on Hive, and that's what matters!!!

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