Kratom The Internet Legal High and Recent Regulation

From Joe Rogan to tech and gym bros, they all have seemed to try this infamous legal high called "kratom". The alleged side effects of taking kratoms include euphoria, relaxation, laser focus, and easing pain. However, there is a limited study conducted on this plant, especially its efficacy in treating pain. Many countries are also still debating its legality as it posses stimulant and opioid-like effects.


Mitragyna speciosa (Kratom)

Kratom is native to southeast Asia in the coffee family. It grows in Indonesia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, and Malaysia. According to a study conducted by the Indonesian Drug administration, this plant contains similar effects to cocaine and morphine. It still becomes a debate in Indonesia, whether to classify kratom as narcotics or herbal commodity. However, according to Decree of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia Number 104 / KPTS / HK.104 / M / 2/2020 concerning the Directorate General's Assisted Commodities of Horticulture, kratom is designated as a category of medicinal plant commodities. Hence, unlike Malaysia and Myanmar, kratom is still legal in Indonesia.

Nevertheless, in a new development, kratom will be banned entirely in 2022 in Indonesia. However, for now, people can still find kratom legally in all online marketplace in Indonesia. The seller sells it as medicinal herb tea as intended and regulated by the Indonesian government. The price varies from 2$ for 250gr to 8$ for 1kg super green strain.


I first knew kratom in 2017. I could only found information from foreign sources but not from local sources. I saw some foreign vendors that sell it for a hefty price. So, it was not affordable for me. However, when I recently joined a discord server in 2020, I got curious about it again. I found that kratom is available in all e-commerce at a reasonable rate. So, I decided to give myself a try.

Nevertheless, the more I research it, the more I learned that it posses a dangerous side effect, especially when taken with certain medicines that might cause death.

Many reviewers said that if you have an addictive behavior, never touch kratom because it can be highly addictive. Research conducted mentioned that kratom use's natural history, including its clinical pharmacology and toxicology, is poorly understood. Hence, be very cautious when consuming this plant.

According to the psychonaut wiki, these are the substances that may cause dangerous interaction when consumed together.



Like cannabis, there are many different strains of Kratom. Each strain has a different stimulant, depressant, and opioid effect. According to the psychonaut wiki, the most commonly found in the market is the green strain; it is less potent than the red and the white strain. Furthermore, the method of preparation varies. There is kratom tea and also take and wash method. Since the taste is bitter, almost matcha-like, many take it with honey and sugar.

I do not intend to take Kratom regularly. I have read that it can be addictive and somewhat dangerous when mixed with different substances. I also do not want to be addicted, especially that in 2022 this will be illegalized in the country.

As of now, I am taking a very light dosage, 2gr once a week. I have watched many reviews abusing Kratom by taking up to 10gr to 20gr/day. They also experience some nasty withdrawals, which I will not want to experience. I have experienced withdrawal from Centella, alcohol, and Caffeine. These were nasty, and I will not want to repeat the experience. So, this experience will be a short one, and kratom will not be on my permanent stimulant list.



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