MyTrackers Software by Blain Jones -- Tracking Hits to Your Lead Capture Pages on Your Own Domain


Hello and Happy Friday!
Last week I wrote a post about some tracking software that was created by @blainjones during our Inner Circle Mastermind Sessions.
Here is the link to that post:

I requested it because I was going to upload tracking software from another source to my domain. It seemed a little complicated even though the support person answered my question pretty much right away. I still struggled with how it was going to work.

So, Blain created Tracking Software for me to upload onto my domain and he walked me through the steps to get it up and running. I am kind of a novice using software that is customized like this and it was still pretty simple even for me to figure out.

Here are the steps I used to get the tracking installed on my lead capture pages.

Add link to lead capture page that you want to track.


Use the tracking link that will appear in the table to the right of the link you just added and insert it into the tracking pixel code in place of the word IMAGE in the Pixel Image Setup.


Open your lead capture page html document in an editor like Notepad++ and add the Pixel Image you just created anywhere on the page before the tag. Yeah anywhere on the page just as long as it is before the end body tag.


Make sure you save your work of course and then you need to upload that page to your server. Replace it with the new one if it’s already there and then copy and paste the lead capture page link into your browser. Go back to your tracker and refresh it and the hit should show up.


Now I have 2 hits to my lead capture page.

Simple and pretty easy!

One of the biggest reasons to do this is because you own your domain and what is on it. As long as you do your backups you’re not likely to lose it. If you’re using an outside company to track and they go down you lose everything. I like having control of my work.

I highly recommend this software and you should be tracking your results anyway so why not do it on your own domain.

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