Let's Chat About the Hunter Biden Laptop Story for a Moment

You may or may not have been paying attention to the recent Hunter Biden - Ukraine - Email story...

As usual, this story has been wildly split into two unrelated, half-truth stories (and a wild side-story)

  • The "left" has chosen to focus entirely on the personal photos that were released, ignoring the emails & such.
  • Everyone else is focusing on the emails, which show that Hunter introduced the CEO of Burisma (whom HB's firm made $80k a month from) to his father, after asking for help with the Ukrainian prosecutor coming after them... and then Joe got that prosecutor fired by threatening the president & PM of Ukraine.
  • The side story has been Twitter actively attacking the story, blocking the NYPost from their platform, banning anyone who shares the link, etc. Most recently, they officially backpedaled after Jack Dorsey was called before a Senate Judiciary Committee.

Of course, the NYPost article itself only showed a couple emails, apparently counting on everyone remembering the rest of the case (which I had never paid attention to)

Here are 3 main-stream stories about this, including the recent leaked emails in the NYP:

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