Mama Got You Dead to Rights, Luke

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Things are moving along and although it's not a workout rest day for me today, it's still a mid-week mindset.

Middle of the week is my day to step back and assess and reassess. Am I moving in the right direction towards my goals for the week? Do I amp it or do I tweak things.

Usually, Tiffany and I take a rest from the HIIT workouts. We workout 6 out of 7 days, but we are currently participating in the OTF Hell Week Series; which is 8 days in total. Although, members only have to complete 5 days to earn the survive Hell Week honors; but we love it so much we always do all 8. I expand more on my @actifit posts, of course.

My employers have me busy enough to take up every second of every hour, so I'm earning my paycheck for sure.

I am happy with my email marketing efforts and investments recently, as not too long ago I mentioned the lull due more to my letting up a bit.

I'm back on track.

So the last 24 hours shows another handful of sign-ups to my list and the graph shows it mostly upwards for most of it:

24Hour Graph.png

Getting me 7 more folks to my list


But just as important are the efforts getting me downline sign-ups:

3 out of those 4 for Solo Advertiser was from the last 24 hours.

24HOUR SignUps.png

and some more at the other ad sites I am an affiliate at:

24HOUR SignUps2.png

24HOUR SignUps3.png

24HOUR SignUps4.png

24HOUR SignUps5.png

Didn't realize that 2 days ago:

24Hour fbb w. comm.png

fbb comm.png

The commissions I use to reinvest, which I get paid in LiteCoin. I have it going to my Coinbase account then I bring it over to HIVE and convert it into Swap-Hive and then invest here. I leave a little over at CoinBase and I use some to reinvest in some advertising.

So as that affiliate marketing income comes in, I'm reinvesting it for my long-term goals on HIVE and my affiliate marketing journey towards my ultimate life goals.

I found Luke the List Builder over at Pistol Packing Mama


Lead Capture Page I'm rotating at Pistol Packing Mama:


Promote Your Ads Quickly

Adding the lead capture above and back into my marketing rotation; has definitely gotten back to a more active growth.

Email Marketing doesn't have to be difficult


“If you are stuck on anything or have any questions, this is the place to ask 😃

Also, do you have any news, gossip or scandal you'd like to share...? 🤔

Let it out!!! 😱”




Let's Gooooooooooooooo!

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