Help a cub. My little secrets.


Life has been without ending as things tends to grow even from bad to worst, you try all your possible best but it still seems your best is not good enough. At that point in time all one needs is help from a superior and just a touch from a bigger hand and you will discover that all your struggles are made away with.
Participating on this contest is a sing that i have tried all possible means and ways to see that life become even more softer in my part but all to no avail as this is an opportunity for me to make things right only if there will be consideration to my post.

My name is samuel Sabastine Iyimoga, i hail from a part of the earth , Nigeria to be precise.
A minority from the tribe of Alago in nassarawa state.
I am the first from the family of six and trust me it's not easy to be the first in the family as every eyes will be on you. As a result of that i have to set good example in everything i do so that my siblings will not be mislead.
My Dad will always say " Samuel please don't put me to shame" as he has been trying all possible best to see that gives me the best of what a parent can give to his wars which is Education.
Knowing fully how he struggles day after day to see that he achieve that, makes me to out my hands on Deck and remain focus as my major aim to to attain a level that will take away financial crisis from my house.
Even though we are not finding it easy in this part of the world as getting a means of livelihood is almost an impossible stuff except you are well connected as that's the only ground on which one can get a gainful employment.
Talking of why I need a PC

Convenience is one thing that makes the use of computer in life.
Just like we know computer is a device that aids communication and can also aid the lifestyle of every man in this our 21st century as things has been made easy through internet.
Even to the point of cooking food. One can learn how to prepare food of any choice from the convenience of your home without having been stressed out to look for a class, school or even an institution that will make that possible.
This can only be possible if one is in possession of a good device for such and the best that will be recommended is to have a PC which will always be at your disposal and what ever time you want to carry any activity it can be easily done without much stress.
So if you should aske me the first reason why i should own a PC is just for convenience.

I talked about learning how to cook from the internet and this can be don through a device either a PC or a smart phone but it is more better with a computer.
Now the PC will help build your knowledge on so many things that are beyond expectations. So learning is another principal thing that will encourage one to have a computer by his or her side when ever i surf the internet i come across so many content that are mind blowing and can even transform one from his current stage of life to a higher level. As we all know knowledge gives birth to inventions and there by making a good room for an improved standard of living in the lufe of an individual and also the society as a whole.

Learning is another reason why i will want to have a computer of my own.

Storage of information sometimes i come across information that needs to be saved or stored for reference purpose but i find it difficult to do that as the Device i am currently using will not permit that to happen due to the insufficient memory capacity and there are also most cases when there is space to store up this informations but the Device will not support the keeping of such information with the threat of crashing the device but i know for aure that PC will not have such challenge and without option i will let the informations go.

What i will like to do for the leofinance community.

That's a tough question to ask as my reputation is not up to the level where i can say i will delegate or even contribute some hive power to support any post in the community. But in my own little way i think the best i can offer is to make sure i support authors of posts in thia community by up voting qualitative post and appreciating there effort by leaving a comment on their post.
I think doing that will help to motivate authors from this platform to improve in giving out their best.
Don't have much to say as in regards to this aspect but i think this little idea will surely help in the leo community.

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