My Actifit Report Card: September 15 2021

Hey everybody! How was your day?

Mine was busy! First day of work always finds us with a fully booked schedule, as does tomorrow and Friday. Tomorrow begins my coworker’s vacation. Our paths generally only cross on Wednesday, so I won’t feel the impact of her absence until Monday when I have to work the 5 days instead of my normal 3 and on next Wednesday when it’s the longer of the days for appointments. However, she needs some R&R, so I’m hoping she gets a chance to really relax. 😇

After work, I headed to the grocery for some cherry Ice and seltzer water to mix my Lotus energy drink with, and the post office.

Once home I made coffees and we headed out for a short evening hike. @silvertop told me of some “beets” ( aka purple onions-see @silvertop’s post ) that Lynne had up in the little stand she puts out for neighbors. I am actually in need of onions, so we hiked up to see if anyone had claimed the other two. On the way back, I noticed this spiderweb between some power and phone lines.

It is that time of year!🕷

A little closer to home, I spied my second Woolley worm for the season. I took this shot and discovered that he has eyes 👀!

There was nothing to cause any kind of reflection……very interesting! 🤔🧐

I’m looking forward to bedtime and getting some sleep. I’m still working on trying to catch up.

If you haven’t gone to @actifit-lamb’s post about her pumpkin patch adventure, click on her name and go have a look! She had a ton of fun!🎃🎃🎃

Take care everyone and have a blessed evening!👣🐑🍁🍂🎃😎👍🌻🤗😴
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