Celebrating day 30 of the CTP Content Challenge with some Noob Gaming


Hello everyone!

Last day for my CTP Content Challenge!

And no better way to celebrate the ending of it with some games!

Today I share a bunch of defeats and just a few victories on Axie Infinity while rambling about the challenge and how I managed to do it!

As a reminder, below I share my calendar I planned for it:

my calendar ctp content challenge.jpg

I know I was supposed to end yesterday but I actually failed on the first day due to time zones!
You know I'm a European on Eastern Time so I had to get back to be European and use my time zone in my favour by having an extra hour, meaning I could post until 1 am my time.

Shout out to those doing it, I hope it helped you improve your writing skills and consistency!

Even though some of the earnings are still pending to pay out, I gathered the data of my earnings from the last 30 days ( I failed the consistency but I did post anyway so today's post is kind of day 31) and compare with my earnings I did on the 3StepsNoExcuses Challenge:


I missed some tags in some posts or days but overall not bad profit :)

Enjoy the video!




telegram100.png noise100.png odysee100.png torum100.png


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