I know everyone has been waiting in anticipation of my album release for some time, so here it is, @elamental's first hip-hop album, The Hex Wrecker, yours to be - free and clear, no strings attached. Currently there are two audio download/streaming sites I have uploaded the album to, Bandcamp & Soundcloud, click either link below to get my free album:

Bandcamp DL Instructions
I would reccmend downloading from Bandcamp over Soundcloud, as Bandcamp allows you to DL the entire album at once, where with Soundcloud you have to DL each track individually. On Bandcamp click "BUY DIGITAL ALBUM". You will see a little pop-up when you hit DL on Bancamp that attempts to get you to donate at least a dollar for the album, that is Bandcamps's doing, not mine, and you can easily skip over that frame and get it for free. Just put in $0.00 in "name your price", and then click "download to your computer" at the bottom right of the pop-up. After being redirected to the next page, click "download" again.

I will also have my album available on Dsound and my website soon, but not quite yet. My website is still being developed and I have been too busy at work to coordinate finishing it at this time. DO NOT DOWNLOAD MY ALBUM FROM iTunes OR SPOTIFY, unless of course you want to pay major corporations money that I will not see a dime of for an otherwise free album, yuck. I only signed up for distribution on those platforms so my music would be accessible to people who exclusively use those platforms. They unfortunately charge money for music even if the artist does not.

This album is a compilation of all my works over the last decade. I would have made the album 17 tracks instead of 12, but the production costs were way out of my budget to have the extra five tracks mixed and mastered for this project. The official publication includes 10 tracks, in addition to two (also free) bonus promo tracks, which are tribute songs using instrumentals from DJ Quik and Wu-Tang Clan (Tonight & Tear it Off ).

If you would like to donate to me to show you appreciation for my free works, you can do so by either selecting your own price for the album on Bandcamp, sending SBD or STEEM directly to @elamental, or by using any of the various wallet recieve QR codes I have provided below to send cryptocurrencies to me. If you are going to donate crypto, please make sure to scan the correct QR code for the type of crypto you will be sending. Donations are completely voluntary, and you should by no means feel obligated to donate anything. This album is free for everyone.

qr donation codes small.png

Other crypto addresses available upon request. Maybe one day I will have an EOS one...

I also have more free ELAmental stickers as well if anyone in the Portland area wants one and did not get one at my release party. Hmu on Discord or to set up a meeting. Otherwise I will have them at #anarchapulco & #anarchaforko next February.


A special thanks to: @hempress, @kennyskitchen, @adamkokesh, @alchemage, @dynamicgreentk, @ganja-farmer, RLM Entertainment, Jeanot Lewis-Rolland, Max Maichak, Chris “Cutter” Benson, Erin Miller, Talilo Marfil, Victoria Demarest, Joey Coffineau, Ryan Elder (Dolla5o Productions), and 2Deep Productions. Instrumental credit for the two free bonus promo tracks "Smoke a Big Blunt" and "Breaking Down the Walls" goes to DJ Quik and Erick Sermon along with Wu-Tang Clan.

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Blessing everyone & stay tuned - into the right frequencies








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