New Upcoming Album - POWER OF TRUTH - by ELAmental - Official Claim of Title & Intro/Outro Lyrics

Are you ready for a straight up poetic goosebumps generator?! I have been surging with a wave of creation energy today, and endured an extremely emotional releasing past 24 hours that has led to my intentions I called out during this time manifesting today, and eliminated my "writer's block". I was sent on a two hour writing spree that turned out an absolutely phenomenal intro AND outro for my upcoming album, two new EXTREMELY creative and personal track concepts, with a completed verse and intro for one of those tracks. This album will feature several artists, and the intro/outro are how I answered the self proposed question: "How do I poetically explain this nugget of wisdom that nobody else seems to understand?"

Today's date is 11/24/2019 at 11:30 PM PDT - official date of this publication

This article is my official claim to my upcoming album name: Power of Truth, and all the written words designed for the intro and outro that will also be included on the album: Power of Truth contained within this article. Artist ELAmental owns 100% of all content here in this dated publication. All rights reserved.
Artist name claiming album title, song names, song concepts, and lyrics: ELAmental


Power of Truth Album Intro by ELAmental

"The power of Truth allows you to view through illusion, transcending confusion to revolutional retribution. The solution is simple, slide by the riddle played out by fake man's fiddle – whats the diddle? Balance - centered - middle. Align with the truly divine by never lyin' – 'cause the more you real, the more you get what you really feel. Speak truth to live truth and discern deception from proof. Intuition increases with each traumatic boost, so do what you feel and feel what you are doing, because when you make a move for ALL, All will make a move for you. In other words... keep it real to live your real reality – improve all you touch and never move to selfish destruct, as your actions will always erupt and pour back in your cup. Quit fucking shit up. So you can chuckle and avoid some knuckles."

Power of Truth Album Outro by ELAmental

"Dow me as a conduit of creation, allowing all potent and pertinent frequencies of harmonic art and poetic melody flowing through the channel of my being. I am one with the universal consciousness and am a interpreter and translator of etheric transmissions. Gaia speaks to me never in words but in connection and recognition of her energy – we commune and see each other not through eyes, but through vision beyond illusion peering past the vale of the obvious. I am the transmitter of the transistor divine here to bright your shine.

Acting in the best interest of all always, never intentionally or consciously hurting another. When asked why we are here, I speak truth in all words – and reply: for each other.
I... AM... ELAmental!"

I ELAmental, reserve the right to change or alter any and all lyrics. This includes the words themselves and their placement within the album Power of Truth.


Two new track concepts I (ELAmental) created, and is also officially claiming are entitled:

"Who lives at the Bus Stop?"

New track about the house, the people, animals, and all the shenanigans (I will make sure to incorporate that word). Will include a custom instrumental using many organic instruments that reside in this house, and riffs on electric guitar by: Sommers Jagoe - Hailing from France.

"Red Flag Factory" - (You a red-flag-fact-ory)

New track about, well... you know...    BULLSHIT!.. actually narcissism is a more accurate descriptive word.


I feel compelled to mention that the title for this album Power of Truth was 100% manifested by me (ELAmental), without any influence or inspiration outside myself (changed from the original project name: Reborn Soul). A few days after I officially locked down the name as the official title however, it dawned on me that this is also a reversal (sort of) of Alais Clay's song entitled: Truth of Your Power from her 2017 Elevated Frequencies album.

Alais has been one of my best influences and sources of inspiration for my musical creations. We both started creating conscious Hip Hop around the same time, however she was able to publish much more material before I was able to leave the East coast and start publishing music myself. I extremely respect her work in music and activism, and just generally look up to her as a model for the proper ways emcees should deliver their music, and for the right reasons and motivations as well.

Alais and I have also performed two shows together, one I helped organize and promote in Portland, Oregon for the final show of her Constellations Tour, and the other in Bonfil Acapulco, Mexico at the Art of Liberty on the Beach event during Anarchapulco 2019. Although our interactions have been short lived thus far, we have a half completed track that will eventually be completed and released, and when the right track ideas come up again, we will hopefully create much more music together. I always thought our voices, styles, and messages compliment each other well - I just need to catch up. We are also both Sagittarius sun signs and were born only days apart from each other in 1985.

I am going to ask her permission to clear a sample from her Truth of Your Power song, after she decides if the track it will be implemented on aligns with her mission (I am sure it will). It would be more than appropriate and a slick and subtle form of cross promotion. Much love and good vibes sista! Bless everywhere.

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