Noise.Cash is the new Twitter

Microblogging and social networking is very popular among the social media enthusiast. Sending out pictures with a few sentences or just a few words. It is easy to follow others to keep up with what they are doing.

Noise.Cash is the new Twitter

If you have a Twitter account, you know how easy it is to use but what do you get for all the time you spend on Twitter. Noise.Cash is just like Twitter except you have the opportunity of getting paid Bitcoin Cash (BCH) each time someone likes your post. Noise.Cash is still growing. They have around 250k users and growing strong each and every day.

Noise.Cash Menu

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The menu is very simple and the app is also very user friendly. Your followers feed is reflected if you click the first item (Big N). When you microblog you post your content on either a Channel or in a Chamber. At first I did not know this so my posts were not showing up except in my followers feed so others on the platform could not easily find my post. I now use the chamber associated with what I am posting. This is similar to tags on the hive platform except you post in one chamber.


You can also Explore and Search for topics of which you are interested or other users so you can follow them.


Subscribe yes no.PNG

Followers are called Subscribers on When you like a post, you have the option of Subscribe to them or not. Very simple to add people whose content will show up in your feed. I currently have 79 subscribers. The majority of these were added over the last month.

My Noise.Cash id is darmst if you would like to start have my post show up in your feed. In addition to my hive post, I post Splinterlands items, pictures of the sunsets and other local points of interest.

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Affiliate Program

Noise.Cash just added an affiliate program as well. Now in addition to getting paid for your content, you get paid for your referrals to Noise.Cash

affiliate program.PNG


Like all platforms there are rules that you need to follow. There are only 6 rules to take into consideration.


Already producing Content?

If you are on the Hive Platform, you are already producing content. Why not get paid twice for the same content? Also, just like on Hive to earn on Noise.Cash you can get paid for your comments. Engaging with others is as easy as clicking and does not take very much time at all but pays you for your actions.

I have been taking my earnings from Noise.Cash and investing it into the INDEX token. I now have 190 INDEX and this only from 2 months posting consistently on Noise.Cash.

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