Seed Of Faith : The Ink Well Prompt #34

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In a land, there lived a little girl who had been sent out of a town with her parents in exile. They were sent out just because of the violation of the town's rules. Her parents are witches and the town detest those who are witches, just because they felt they could perform magic in the land. Although, her parents performed magic to save someone who was on the verge of death, which got the king of the land provoked and they were sent into exile. The little girl's name is Mariah.

On their way going to the ocean direction, they met a sailor who was sailing towards their direction and decided to ask for help. They were having the mind of going to an island they had once gotten too far back years ago. They went to meet the sailor for help but the sailor refused. The sailor is someone who has a love for money and so, told them to pay before he can be able to carry them. After lots of begging, he agreed to take only Mariah with him. The Parents told him to take her to an orphanage home they knew very well. Since the parents have any form of power to save themselves, they told Mariah to take care of herself. She was crying because she would lose and miss her parents.

The sailor took her to the island to start a new life. Mariah started living on her own in a small hut near a restaurant at a tender age since she did not agree to move to the orphanage home which her parents told her. She does wash plates in one of the restaurants on the island called Vicky Charmy royal plaza. She was very hard-working and people in the plaza loved her so much, but that does not stop her from thinking about the situation her parents are in, and when they will come for her. She is eager to meet her parents.

A year later she met a guy named Raphael. He is also very hard-working, Brilliant and has power showing that he is a wizard. The very first time Raphael met Mariah, he saw the power hidden in her just because they are the same. He was even shocked that her power is stronger than his. He told Mariah to spare him some time whenever she is done washing. Meanwhile, Mariah knew less about the boy's powers. They both exchanged pleasantries when she finally met with Raphael.

He met Mariah in the restaurant where she was washing plates. He told Mariah that when she is through, she should please spare some time for him because he wants to talk to her and is very important. He knows that she didn't know about her power. Raphael was later visiting her which made them became tight friends to the extent of confiding in each other. She was only sad when he asked about her parents but never knew what to say, but later told him not to bother about her parents. Raphael understood through the power he was having. Raphael still wants her to speak about her parents even after knowing what has happened, but Mariah felt so adamant to even utter a word. She stylishly postponed their conversation to another day.

After their departure, Mariah was so sad and now has the feel of her mum and dad. She wanted to see her parents by all means and never wanted to tell the owner of the restaurant. This was because, since her stay in the restaurant, the person she was working with had never for once ask her about her parents and even the one she is living with, but she never for once maltreated her. She took her as her daughter. Mariah was having the mind of telling the guy, Raphael about what happened, but was afraid. She was thinking that Raphael would not believe her.

She later opened up to Raphael after seeing the kindness he was showing her. She was yet to discover who she was and how she can use her powers. Raphael was like a God sent to help her through her powers and to make her know the way and process to use her powers. So, he started showing her and teaching her how she can bring her powers out of her. So, she was so happy seeing someone she can confide in. All her dealings were now directed to Raphael as he later told here about his part of his powers. He opened up to her that he had known about her powers the very moment he saw her but wanted her to open up herself.

She was perfect on how to use her powers which got Raphael excited. They became the closest friends ever. So, she was still going to the restaurant to sell just because she needed to make some money for herself to find her parents. She had this determination that one day, she is going to see her parents.

In the village where she came from, the king has serious problems with the heir apparent to the throne. He was so sick and had no solution until they laid their hands on those whom they sent out of the village. The king sent his guards to do the searching as his son has only seven days to either live or survive. The guards went on search from one village to the other without seeing a single trace of the family they sent on exile. Some guards who went to the seaside had a second thought of going to the island to look for the family but to no avail. Those who went to the western side later found Mariah's parents who after seeing the king's guard were afraid they had sent people to take their lives, they were afraid unknowingly to them, the king needed them to cure his son.

They summoned him and without hesitation, they went to the town to see the king. The king, after seeing them, pleaded for forgiveness and asked them to use their witch and wizard tactic to cure his only son. Mariah's dad said to the king to send people to the island to search for his daughter. He told the king that the only person who can cure the king's son is their daughter.

The king's guard went to the island and behold they came back with Mariah who was so excited to see her parents. Her parents on the other hand were crying bitterly for they have missed their daughter so much. So, they prepared on how she can save the king's only son. She demanded a native cake prepared by the king or else, the son will not be able to make it back to life. The king, without hesitation, prepared the cake for the girl who then performed some rituals with incantations who then gave the cake to the king's only son. Without much delay, the son woke up which made the king so much happy. He restored them to the town and never sent them on exile any longer.

They were rewarded greatly and immensely. Mariah told her parents all that happened and how she missed them every second of her life. Her parents said the same as she told them about Raphael. This means it was all thanks to Raphael who helped her through how to use her powers.

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