#helpacub / Since I was little I learned that hope is the last thing you lose!

As I said in the title, I am very happy to have learned this principle of life in case it can be called that way! Since using that I have been able over time to achieve some goals throughout my life!

Today could be a great day

A bad start does not mean that everything will end badly, we cannot decide to be born without financial resources, but if we can decide to die with or without financial resources, he quotes a popular saying in my close environment. Since my beginnings in the digital field, most of the time it has been uphill, but in bad weather, good face.

A little less than a decade ago, I undertook a journey without apparent direction and with no expiration date, which has led me until now to be the proud father of three beautiful angels who lent me, while I am passing through this earth. I am the husband of a beautiful and tropical woman who, between virtues and defects, has been able to complement each one of mine to a good degree!
I am also a son and a brother, and although in this terrestrial calendar it is marked more than 2,565 days of not being able to meet with them for reasons mainly economic, as I said in the title of my writing, HOPE IS THE LAST THING TO BE LOST.

Not everything has been bad or tragic

I have had memorable moments which will last in my memory and perhaps from the people with whom it has happened, I have laughed until I cried, I have cried until I laughed for no apparent reason!
But if there is something I am proud of, it is to have learned in most of the situations that I have had to live, I learned that everything that can happen to us helps us to a good, so perhaps at the beginning we do not understand the process! To cite an example, I remember as if it were yesterday when my economy seemed and felt solid how I missed some good opportunities, having that false perception that perhaps some still have, thinking that everything will always be smooth sailing, and that the cows will never arrive skinny and you should have the good or bad financial management that you have done until then.
From there I learned that my time with my finances should have clear objectives and with dates, that if for some reason they were not reached, surely I would be closer to achieving it than when I started!

Time to build a legacy

That was one of my first thoughts when I came to my senses, and realized how many opportunities I missed due to the great ignorance that blinded me when it came to financial education.

The beginning has not been easy, and nobody assured me that it would be like that. Like many here present, it all began by seeing some tabloid posts on how you can earn a living from home or the internet and make money in a short time or with little effort. Nothing could be further from reality and thank God with such bad experiences learned along the way, I knew that this would not be the way to choose. Reading and looking for the best style of a hound dog I was opening my way to small opportunities that with determination and perseverance I have been able to see growth!

Time passes fast so take advantage of it

Among so many things which I have had the joy of being able to read, nothing has called me tension more than knowing how to use your time correctly, and it is that on average we live about 30 thousand days, if that is the average life . In the best of cases and if you manage to pass that barrier you can feel something like that you are part of a select group of legendaries who have more than 5 stars on their shoulder, or a chest full of badges in the best style of a boy scout. .
Meanwhile the idea is to make the most of that countdown that is activated as soon as we arrive in this world, and be productive and above all profitable, or well at least that is my case, since little people depends on how well or badly I go. behind a screen.

Already with clear and defined goals

The road looks a little easier or at least that is how I like to see it, since each day that passes I get closer to the proposed goals, without much effort but with an unshakable Faith you can continue rowing towards the goal even if you feel that you lack the air, a firm determination makes you something like steel, to the point that you feel that not even that fictitious mineral called "kryptonite" can diminish your strength and drive to achieve your goals.
At first it is complicated and even confusing to take the course, but not at all impossible.

Sometimes it takes a little more than a hunch

If I go back to the machine of my memories a bit, I can say with property that although I met Bitcoin around 2012 and it was not until 2017 that I decided to enter fully, and my expectations were something like Alice in Wonderland and I finished finding me with scenes cruder than the movie "1917", it was a minefield from beginning to end full of wolves with great ability to deceive and take all your money in the best style of the illusionist Houdini, if just like that.

Maybe at this point you feel identified or identified with what happened to me when I entered the world of cryptocurrencies, or maybe your luck was completely different and if you took advantage of the entire run of 2017, what I can assure you is that now all the who asks me about this environment, my first words are always, "you must read a lot and know where you will expose your money" I am sure that a tip like this would save me some headaches along the way.

My situation

At the moment and thank God I have a repowered Dell PC model OPTIPLEX 380 and although at present it dictates a license error called "Windows 8.1 Pro Build 9600 Serial"
It still works, I have tried to solve it but where I bought the second-hand equipment, due to the pandemic the business premises went bankrupt so the license key I don't think I can recover it or at least that is what I have read on the network that I need to activate Windows.
To be honest as long as I keep uploading articles I will keep using it until I can find a better one!
Maybe you already notice why I would like to be part of the select participants in the #helpacub contest.
Parallel to being part of the Hive, Leofinance and Cub community, I also have a small website in which I offer some services that revolve around marketing and digital services, I still do not have a client portfolio but the hook is already in the water at waiting for new clients, ah in case you are interested in contributing to my economy, I will leave here the address that you can find in my profile https://clicmaster.agency
Also with 10% of my earnings and together with my wife's we help a non-profit foundation which I will leave its website in case you like to contribute too, it will surely be of great help for the work they do in the short term. range that they manage to have for now https://www.bajotuabrigofundacion.org.

I consider myself a warrior and with three children to watch over, it has even touched me to wash cars, something that at first I did not understand but it left me a great life lesson and an indelible mark, I have also been a painter, driver, cook, deliveryman, salesman and I could continue listing some more but I will respect your time dear reader, since if you got here you have given me a good part of time and I appreciate that very much.

How can having a new and better pc help me?

As I mentioned recently, this pc in which I am expressing each word and letter of this article, has its days numbered and has already given me signs that it wants to go to the eternal rest of the pc. I firmly believe that a new pc would be of great help to me for everything that I perform now in this new normality, I would be much calmer due to the fact that that uncertainty that I carry deep down to know if this will be my last day would disappear old pc. In the same way I thank God because it still works and because I have one, although slow and old but with an unbreakable security that will be replaced by a better one, when God allows it! in the meantime I will continue to fight doing what I love and can do, create content and strive to become a profitable serial entrepreneur!

I found a little diamond

What value would it bring to the LEO community?

This is perhaps the most difficult part for me, and let me explain why, currently I do not have the 8 weeks in the community although it is very possible that by the time the contest takes place I already have the required time.
Having said that now, if I will say how I could add value to the community.
Throughout this metamorphosis which I have gone through, I have taken on the task of nurturing as much as possible with a lot of content that covers topics from Geopolitics, medicine, technologies, history, environment and I can continue listing topics of interest but I prefer that you realize for yourself as you read my articles, my idea is to permeate everything that I have learned so far and duplicate it and thus expose it so that many more benefit from what I learned, and in case learn from others , because it is something that I have as usual, learn, ask, inquire, and have various points of view and then give an opinion as objective as possible.

Among my goals in the medium term is to have a special account to curate content and of those who along the way get to know me with my articles and want to delegate a little of their LP to that account, welcome to, for this I continue reading and learning from those who They already have more experience, since I want and want to do it in the best possible way, I always repeat to my children "Things are done well, or they are not done." Thinking more in the future, I hope to form the knowledge required to create projects that are of benefit to the community, and that are also of benefit to those who accompany me along the way and those who join them.

I found a little diamond

And that's how I define this beautiful community, in itself I already have a large part of what I have won in the HIVE, LP stake, and if I also have 13 beautiful #CUBs with the BNB pair that a few days ago they generated 1 new #CUB for me , I must confess that it was very difficult for me to do it with metamask since I found little content in Spanish, so I did it through trust wallet and it was excellent.

He wants to make it very clear that if he did not qualify for the application, I am glad that you have taken the time to read this far, I also want to thank @silverstackeruk 10 LEO and £ 20 USDT $ 30.00
@ lbi-token
@ eddie-salaryman
@ jfang003
@ libertycrypto27 3
@ tbnfl4sun
@ arm008
@ tomhall.leo
@ taskmaster4450
@ sergeant-dan
@ silversaver888
@ JK6276
@ atma.love
@ hetty-rowan
That they respectively collaborated to make this possible, thank you again, the world and the community need more people like you, it is a nice gesture on your part.

In the meantime, it's time to move on, staring at the objectives and reviewing progress so that what we long for is getting closer and closer.

Your server, friend and colleague says goodbye

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