Have you ever hoped for a blog with hot, fresh, fun and captivating contents and wondered if it’s ever possible?😔
Arrrghh…that feeling right?😤
Well...You are not alone🤝

Reading nice and enticing blog contents isn’t easy. It’s freaking hard but look no further because I am here to serve you trending, informative and entertaining blog contents.
Sounds mouthwatering already right? Keep calm...You are in the right place 👍

Everyone agrees that having the right information is power and life-saving thus my reason for creating this blog. This reminds me of my personal live-saving experience. Wanna hear my short story?
Watch out for more contents here on this blog wrapped around the need for the right information system in our communities.
So do you think having a blog with loaded content is possible? is possible.


Who am I?



My Name is Alexander Chosen a.k.a chosenfingers. I am a Mechatronics Engineering student of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta in Nigeria. Sounds weird right? I know right now you are trying to wrap your head around what an engineering student is doing in an “Agriculture” university. Well, even though the government decided to name it this way as a specialized agriculture school, FUNAAB is also known for its strong advancement and footing in other professional areas such as Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Vet Medicine, biology, chemistry and its related fields, management sciences among others.


Can you try guessing what I enjoy doing?
Well, my hobbies include reading, blogging, travelling and meeting new people, learning new cultures, counselling (some of my friends call me Pope Alexis for this), singing and playing my guitar, coding and strategic planning.

Strategic planning for me is more like a special gift cos I can’t go a day without thinking outta the box. Most teams I work with enjoy my inputs because of this. As for singing, I’d say it runs in my family because my dad sings too while my Elder brother sings and plays bass guitar.

I am a tech-evangelist and will always encourage people around me to skill up and have digital skills because the world right now as grown to an “Information-digital age”. I am a programmer, I write flutter codes to create cross platform mobile apps, write a bit of Java codes, write python codes for Machine Learning and Data Analytics. I am currently a digital marketing intern at Reispar Technologies in Lagos. I strongly believe that through advancement in Science and technology and its applications especially in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, we can make life easier, better and develop our society.
Would you like to know more about technology advancement especially in Application?🤔
Watch out for more content on all this here.

I have a dominant Sanguine trait so I can be everywhere at the same time and hyper active, eager to meet new friends and share ideas.
Pause for a while…lets go back a bit. Do you know what “Sanguine” means? Do you know your temperament as a person? why you act the way you do? If NO, keep calm…cos I gat you covered for real. On this platform, we will have discussion on Temperaments, Love languages and other Relationship tips.
Don’t worry, the love doctor gat your back😂


My reasons for joining this wonderful platform is very simple. My aim here is to deliver trending and captivating blog contents in areas like technology, Agriculture, Food, book reviews, Love matters, Educational tips and many others.
I also look forward to connect with everyone and rub minds together. Feel free to follow this blog and chat me. So, I am using this opportunity to ask for the community’s help and support towards achieving these reasons.

I’ll like to say a big thank you to my friend @starstrings01 for introducing me to this platform👍



Signing out…

Always remember “Be bold, be strong and mighty forces will come to your aid”.

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