LOTUS and STEM , historical earning data for brofund accounts .

Good evening to everyone . Hope you all are doing great .

Couple of weeks ago we had posted about LEO historical earning data for @brofund and @brofund-leo accounts .

Today we shall see similar stats for LOTUS and STEM account .

Accounts considered for data

For LOTUS stats , we have taken @brofund and @brofund-lotus accounts .

For STEM stats , we have taken @brofund and @brofund-stem accounts .

How is this beneficial for end users?

These two tokens are dripped everyday for BRO users so the more the accounts earn , the more users get dripped .

So this matters to who are holding BRO also to those who like the above tokens and want regular drips .

LOTUS stats

LOTUS historical earnings month wise


Well the highest amount earned month wise is JUNE 2021 :) This month already we have earned 249 tokens so maybe we will break the previous record .

Note that this earnings is from both @brofund and @brofund-lotus account .

LOTUS historical earnings month wise based on accounts


Well @brofund account has earned literally nothing when compared to @brofund-lotus account .

LOTUS earnings based on type of rewards


Till May 2021 the staking rewards was leading the charts but from May 2021 the curation rewards took over and became the highest earning for BROFUND .

Well one of the unique feature of LOTUS is staking reward - Take a look at this old post to know more about it .

Percentage of earnings ( type )


Curation rewards is huge for @brofund-lotus account right now and it takes 80% of the portion .

Staking rewards follows it with 17% . Remaining is filled by author and comment_benefactor_reward .

To access all the charts yourself , you can go here -


Dashboard Link

STEM earnings

STEM historical earnings month wise


December 2020 was the highest earning month for STEM .

It has more or less remained the same from Feb 2021 .

STEM historical earnings month wise based on account


Well in LOTUS data we saw that @brofund earned almost nothing but here it's the opposite . The @brofund account has earned more than @brofund-stem .

Let's see the type of rewards to get a better picture .

STEM historical earnings based on type of rewards


You can see here that Mining reward forms the majority .

That is the reason @brofund is earning more , right now @brofund account has staked 1060 STEMM which is earning the account STEM steadily .

Proportion of earnings ( type )


Well only 2 types covers 99.99% - Mining and Curation . In that Mining rewards taken 90% and remaining is covered by curation .

You can access the STEM charts here -


Dashboard link

That's it for today . Next week we shall see earnings report of 2 more accounts . Till then have fun :)

Brofund Analytics team .

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