My name is Blessing. I am a 22years old graduate of the University of Benin, with a degree in insurance. I am a citizen of Nigeria and I hail from a tribe on the south side - Edo state

I enjoy learning new things. I enjoy expanding my knowledge on different subject matters. I do not like to be confined to a particular field of knowledge.

After I graduated from college I worked with a firm for 2 years. I recently quit my job as it was no longer fulfilling. While still searching for new opportunities I have tried to use the free time to explore new grounds.

However, a few things have affected my ability to do so. Amongst them is the fact that I do not have a personal laptop.

Most people attach a lot of importance to their laptops, so it is no surprise that in this part of the world it is almost impossible to have someone lend you their laptop for your personal use.

The world is now a global village. Communication has become easier, information is readily accessible. People now tend to do their businesses online. Companies now allow certain roles to be done remotely.

I have a friend who has been working remotely for almost a year now. He has flexible working hours, so there is time to explore other grounds. There's reduced stress as there is little or no need to leave the house to perform a given task.

I have been searching for a remote job for a while now. I was recently given a job offer. It was a remote job with flexible working hours and good pay. I had to decline because they required I have my laptop since the company was not making provisions for that.

I had never thought not having a laptop would impact me this way. I have always done everything I needed on my phone. However, giving my new pursuit, it seems I will need one.

Some of the reasons why I need a laptop include;

I cannot tell how long before I get another job as the rate of unemployment in my country is increasing per day and I do not want to waste the time I have. I want to learn new things and broaden my knowledge and exposure. I use my phone for most of my research but there is a limit to what my phone can do.

I saw an advert online from the University of the People, they offer free online courses. This would have been my perfect opportunity to learn something new In a different field. I have not been able to apply because I don't have a laptop that will enable me to take online courses and lectures.

It's been less than a year since I started learning how to crochet. It has been fun and I have replicated designs from some creators. This has helped me expand my knowledge of how to create designs.

I have been wanting to create some crochet designs, for this, I would need a laptop. Majorly because I have to learn some Photoshop skills. This helps to create what is called a graphgan using a website called stitch fiddle. I cannot use my phone to learn photoshop. So that plan is on hold till I can get a PC.

I have little knowledge about the Microsoft office packages. I know enough about Microsoft Word, that can't be said about Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. Being able to perform tasks on excel spreadsheet sheets is one of the criteria organizations look out for in potential staff. The same goes for PowerPoint.

I want to broaden my knowledge of both Excel and PowerPoint. I would like to be able to add value to whatever organisation is looking to hire me.

I would like to learn more about data analysis. This will help me to evaluate data to discover useful information that will be of benefit to myself and the Blockchain.

Having a laptop will give me some level of independence. I will be able to do things at my pace. I can take on various projects at a go.

I have the freedom to do various things without a time constraint unlike when I have to borrow from someone. Getting a personal laptop gives me creative freedom

It also provides some degree of privacy and it means I am not confined to a space, with the mobility function I can easily take it anywhere I want and do what I need to do.

I am relatively new to the Leofinance platform. I was introduced to the platform by @nonsowrites. After much persuasion, I created my Hive account in September 2020 and left it dormant.

Around February this year, I got interested in everything crypto. I told @nonsowrites about it and he referred me here telling me about the platform and how I can learn a lot from people here.
That prompted me to become active in March 2021.

I have read posts from different authors on the crypto market. Their opinion, what they think of the market. I have been able to learn a few things by reading what the authors had to say which has broadened my knowledge of crypto and also improved my writing skills.

I want to also be able to do proper research on the crypto market. So I can share my knowledge about crypto and finance in general on leofinance and engage with different authors on the subject matter. I will be more active here to enable me to achieve this goal.

I recently indicated my interest to join the engagement league to encourage me to interact with more authors and thereby see the world of finance and crypto from the eyes of many around the world.

Regardless of the outcome of this contest, I will be happy. I have learnt a lot since I joined here two months ago, I hope to learn more and I am grateful for being a part of leofinance and hive.

Good luck to all the contestants.

Thank you for reading ❤️

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