Happy To Be Alive: My IAAC Post #15

Hello hivians and alive community. Hope we are having some nice time. I am happy to be back once again. These past days have been difficult for me as I have been battling with sickness. It has prevented me from doing normal work as I have been absent from work since the past week.


I resumed at work today, thanks to the drugs which I bought and took. They really worked wonders as I can now move around freely. I have also resumed curation and engagement activities today. It was all fun as usual as I have missed the #iamalivechallenge community so much. I have not posted since saturday last week.


I had wanted my post #15 in the wearealive tribe to be elaborate. However, I will keep it cool till my when i make further posts as I am gradually resuming engagement and other activities.

Biblically, #15 signifies rest. I thank God that I am alive. I urge us all to take good care of ourselves. Have enough rest. It is necessary. Get enough sleep. Your body needs it. Do not forget to do some exercises as well. All are aimed towards achieving a healthy and active lifestyle.

These past days have really taught me a lesson and I cannot forget same in a hurry.
Special thanks to @flaxz - Admin/Moderator for giving us this amazing opportunity to celebrate life. I also extend my thanks to other curators and moderators of the community. You guys rock!!!


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