A Portland friend of mine shows what the resident mentality is like

There is a woman that i know who now lives in Portland, Oregon. She moved there about 5 years ago and I knew her from when we happened to be in college at the same time. She is from Ohio and has a midwestern twang in her voice and overall she is a nice girl and a lot of fun to party with. We and our friends had some great times back in the late 90's and early 00's before all of us kind of spread out across the country and even the planet. We still stay in touch (kind of) on social media but there is one thing I have noticed about this person I know from way back: Living in liberal cities has altered her.


I wouldn't say that this lady was conservative, or she definitely wasn't a redneck but she wasn't what she has become today. I still try to get along with her but I think that Portland, which is one of the most liberal cities in America has turned her and everyone else that lives there into a vigilant activist. This person is constantly preaching on the Book Face to everyone else in a condescending manner and virtually everything she posts is taken straight out of the Occupy Democrats playbook. In fact, she consistently reposts Occupy Democrats stuff which if i see anyone do that it is a good sign that this person isn't actually thinking with their own brain but it just parroting things that the subscribe to.


It started out with environmentalism as she jumped on the bandwagon of the Greta bandwagon. For about a month she was lecturing all of us about our environmental practices but when we were in college she drove an massive pickup truck (which I admired) and out of non biodegradable packaging as much as the rest of us did. Then starting in 2016 she started hitting us with anti-Trump posts, most of which were memes and none of them were created by her. When Covid hit she was lecturing all of us about wearing masks and social distancing, constantly, she never missed a chance to take a selfie of her and her BF being wonderful compliant mask-wearing citizens for the greater good.


The mask thing is where she really showed her ass in my mind. She would become enraged if anyone tried to contest the efficacy of masks or tried to show evidence that when masks are reused or handled improperly that they can actually increase the chances of a person catching covid from touching surfaces and then their face. I don't know if any of this is actually true, but I do know that when some one REFUSES to look at both sides of a discussion they are likely being lead or brainwashed and I think that might be something that happens in a place as politically one-sided as Portland.


Lately she has been on a warpath to deny that there are any riots in Portland despite the fact that we all have access to hundreds of video clips that show the opposite. When she does admit that there was violence she always finds a way to blame it on the cops or more specifically on the Trump-ordered Homeland Security officers because: Trump.

She is trying to make the case that the protests are all peaceful even though we have hours of footage of "peaceful protesters" that are basically performing a siege on precincts. She has become a "riot denyer" and it's really ironic since she would constantly accuse people of being "climate deniers" in the past.

The point I am trying to make is that this lady was not like this before she moved to Portland. I understand that people's opinions change as they grow up over time, but when I knew her in her 20's she was quite a "live and let live" Libertarian. Now she seems to want her views to be adopted by everyone, using force if necessary. I really don't believe this would have happened to her if she hadn't moved to the most liberal city in America. I have lost a lot of respect for her in the past 5 years not because our political ideal are different (I have lots of liberal friends) but because this isn't actually how she is. She is just following the mob and I think that being a lemming is one of the worst things that a person can possibly be.

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