Podcasting 2.0 Value for Value: encourage your audience to try it!

I've been teasing this for a while but here goes... this is how you try out Podcasting 2.0, streaming sats and it's really easy if you're on Hive! There's a companion piece to this, how to stream sats as a listener/viewer..

For 3speak Creators: you're a podcaster now!

If you're on 3speak and have published any videos in the last 8 weeks, you're a Podcaster. Your podcast will show up in the biggest independent Podcast Index (run by @podcastindexorg PodcastIndex. Because all the shows are in there, they show up in many independent sites like Podnews for example:


If you go to that page on Podnews, stick your own Hive username in the search box, you'll find your podcast.

Videos work in podcasts!

Little known fact, podcasts can contain videos. Some clients only play audio but many podcast clients, if presented with video, can play it. The Apple Podcast app will play videos from 3speak!

Value for Value

This will make more sense when I explain the viewing/listening side but every show on 3speak is value 4 value enabled. That means your audience can make micro payments to you on the Bitcoin Lightning network and you'll receive Hive transfers.

There are two forms of streaming payments:

  • boosts which you will receive almost instantly and sometimes contain messages;
  • streaming payments which will be batched up and sent as a combined block after someone listens for a reasonable time.

You don't have to do anything to receive these: if your audience uses some of the value enabled apps I'll list in another post and you'll get the payments.

What's coming next

There are a few things missing from @threespeak in terms of setting up a proper podcast. They're fully aware of that and are actively working on small changes to the 3speak Creator Studio to allow you to set up:

  • Your Podcast's proper name (so it isn't just "hivename Podcast on Hive");
  • A description for your podcast;
  • A proper cover art image (at the moment it's your Hive avatar);
  • iTunes categories;
  • ability to receive email and verify you own a given podcast which will help you submit your show to Apple or Spotify directories if you wish to.

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