Reality Testing: Episode 326

Test.jpgReality testing and gaslighting are two sides of the same coin. Gaslighting is applying pressure to someone’s concept of reality in order to limit them or manipulate them, and reality testing is applying similar pressure in order to help them form a concept of the word that is more accurate, and more empowering.

Gaslighting is normally phrased as a statement, such as “No, I arrived at 6. You’re imagining things.” Reality testing is normally phrased as a question, such as “Is this thought objectively true? What is the evidence for it?”

We might have the concept that doubting ourselves means we have a weak sense of reality. Sometimes this is true, however when we observe our thoughts and question their validity and their effects, we are actually strengthening our reality.

A strong sense of reality must also mean a flexible sense of reality - an ability to adapt to new information.

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