Humanity's Singularity A New age for Mankind: Episode 327


In August 2019, Kurt Robinson wrote this article entitled “Humanity’s Singularity: A New Age for Mankind”, describing how several trends were converging in a way that may spell a new spiritual era for humanity.

The article describes trends such as: how the synthesis of information is accelerating, with so many people having access to the Internet, and so much more potential for putting together ideas from various disciplines; how violent crime has been reducing over the last century, referring to the work of Steven Pinker; how unusual ideas such as the Mandela Effect are now given a voice, when previously they would have been dismissed on their face; the technological and economic predictions of Davidson and Lord Rees Mogg in The Sovereign Individual and; other unusual data, such as the prophecies of Brazilian mystic Chico Xavier.

In one form or another, these trends have been advancing over the last two years. What wisdom do recent developments hold for us? Where is this all going?

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