The Ends of Paradise (WOTW)

The ends of one paradise can lead to the beginning of another. The paradise we seek depends upon who we are at any given time. When it comes to the Word of the Week our paradise may soon end, but it never ends permanently. It only leads to another journey. Let's enjoy this week's articles.

Paradise ends this Sunday at midnight
Time is running out!

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Welcome to the Word of the Week!

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Contestants create and post articles focused upon the word PARADISE.

  • Winners of this event will split all rewards from the WOTW article that gets released at the end of this week's contest.
  • However, participating in any contest itself is a reward.

It's a challenge of a different sort on both the evaluation side and the content creator side. @Calumam, the creator of the WOTW, brings consistency, formality, and objectivity to a usually subjective process. It is a fascinating event.

There are some critical issues to discuss related to participation in the community and HIVE in general.


Community Behaviors

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Every week, @Calumam chooses a word for the contest. His expectation is for community members to share their thoughts on that word during the contest week.

Recommendations to avoid disqualification
  • Plagiarized articles will lead to contest disqualification and likely more.
  • Don't use the #pob-wotw tag more than once per article submission.
  • Don't write an article about next week's word.
Helpful Hints
  • Clearly include the selected word in your article (we are not mind readers)
  • Please include the #pob-wotw tag in your article submission.
  • Use the front-end OR the new
  • This week's contest started 08/8/21 @ 00:00 UTC
  • This week's contest ends 15/8/21 @ 00:00 UTC; no new entries are accepted after this time.

New Users

Are you new to Hive or this is your first time posting to POB? There are some articles that the community recommends for reading:


On the Lookout

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We're looking forward to seeing more of your posts. Until then, and after, have a blessed week.


Current Entries

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The following people listed below are already participating in the Contest. Please support and engage the authors below.

Let me know if you have entered an article into the Contest and don't see your name on the list:

@dwixerWaking up in a strange land - POB Word Of The Week: Paradise
@kemmybParadise: A Choice Or Illusion?
@wrestlingdesiresA One Way Trip To Paradise?
@mineopolyEvolution of Paradise
@savagetobiThe Paradise that comes in limited amount of liquid in POB and higher demands for POB. (POB-WOTW).
@ajanaku(Pob-WOTW):Paradise is base on how you measured it
@kevinnag58My Personal Paradise - POB Word of the Week - Paradise
@corporateayPARADISE WITHIN. pob-wotw, #16
@feyifavorWhat will you do if you win $1million? pob-wotw
@supermodestPARADISE. (An illusion Or Imagination)
@diebitchParadise lost - Adam and Eve
@morenowDark paradise / pob-wotw

Did you enter the contest?
Hurry, before it's too late!


In Closing

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Please support our fellow authors. I look forward to providing more in the future. Thank you for reading and following on throughout my Hive journey. Special thanks to @ashleykalila for the POB dividers.

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