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The other day I was on the help or tech thread on the discord and asked what is going on with the server errors when trying to do anything on @scholaris.pob quickly responded telling me I should try He also asked for feedback and I posted some quick points after my first night of using it. But sadly I can no longer find this thread on the discord it is like it is completely gone which is sad because I was going to use it to guide me here.

Keep in mind I am a total noob to HIVE and crypto in general and since joining I have only been using proofofbrain front end so I can not compare to the others.

Initial thoughts: it worked.

I think initially I was not able to sign in using whale vault, so I had to put in a key. But it seems whalevault does work for somethings in the front end like powering up. But it does not work in witness voting for instance.

Voting and commenting is much smoother and faster.

Everything is pretty intuitive and the buttons are where you think they would be and do what you expect them to do.

I have made a number of posts from the front end now and I like the editor it is much more like wordpress and offers everything at the click of a button, the grid feature is cool too.

Features I really like and was not expecting

  • I have access to my POB wallet and HIVE wallet in the same place, with estimated value built in.
  • Built in witness voting- This finally allowed me the convenience to vote for witnesses for the first time and now I have done so. The platform makes it easy to be a better community member.
  • Ability to post as you are from another community. Today i posted my first post outside of POB. It took me a minute to get an understanding of how joining communities on the front end would change the experience until I found I could post as if I am posting from that community.
  • Ability to see the total reward on posts across the HIVE.

At this point I think the only thing I am having a hard time getting used to is the post rewards being in $. I still find myself going back to POB to look at POB earned. I would love it if there was a way to see the different tokens earned on each post.

I am still a little confused about what the difference is between this and the community of ecency and the overlap.

@leprechaun great work I will be a continual user and advocate. I will update if I have any other issues or ideas about the front end, thanks.

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