Robinia Swap Staking STEEM


Greetings dear friends, today I am going to take you to a great opportunity, Robiniaswap enabled the opportunity to staking with our beloved STEEM, it seemed like a great opportunity and I entered staking so we are going to show you the steps.

The first thing is to have a metamask configured for the binance Smart chain network, once you have your metamask we are going to use the Bridge developed by the people of robinia swap, to access the bridge we click on this link .

Once on the bridge it is very simple what we must do as shown in the image we must select the boxes

  • 1 We select STEEM.
  • 2 We select BSC the Binance Smart Chain.
  • 3 We select the amount of steem.
  • 4 We copy the address of our metamask wallet.
  • 5 We click on the swap button.


Once you have done this, a window of steem keychain will appear that will ask for your authorization, so that everything happens normally, remember to complete the boxes as it appears in the image.

  • 1 Connect the wallet
  • 2 Click on the swap button
  • 3 Click on confirm

I must say that the first time it gave me an error and it was because I had not assigned my active key to steemkeychain, once I did it repeat the process and it was successful.


As we can see 198 STEEM arrived in my metamask wallet which tells us that the commission was 2 STEEM. Finally we go to the robiniaswap website if you want to go click here


We find a very complete site they have their social networks at a glance in case you want to follow them, I already have their discord, now we go to the pool section.


Once in the pool section we look for the STEEM pool and click on deposit, we select the amount we want to enter, in my case 198 STEEM.


As we can see we already have our STEEM in staking with a deposit fee of 4% and an APR 305759.92%.


It is important to understand that the APR decreases as more people and more STEEM enter the pool, but it is still an opportunity to earn money, I think it is important to diversify and here we have an opportunity to make good money with our STEEM.

Thank you for reading


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