Spotted near our neighborhood. Are these coyote?

Was driving down the street and noticed these critters?


Was thinking they were coyote but their bushy tails make me think they could be foxes? Can anybody help me id them?



While you're at it, maybe you can also help and tell me what kind of spider this is. They were looking for a bite to eat and, unfortunately for them, this fly carcass was lacking after I watched it inspect.

I took a video and it was funny because the spider noticed me watching it and began acting shy. They started moving very slowly to it and later circled around, came back to it's potential bounty and then left. Was interesting to watch and maybe I will upload to dtube later.

Anyways, life has been busy with visiting family and my having to troubleshoot a clogged AC drain. Thought my crypto mining was why my electric bill was skyrocketing but turns out a clogged AC drain will do it.

Hopefully, with my air compressor and a bit of gumption, I get this issued resolved in short order.

Thanks for stopping by ✌️

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