Just a little flower and a little rant.

Spring is slowly edging away from us here in Korea and the heat is coming. Need to take some macro shots of all the lovely flowers we have here before it is too late! There will be more!

Lately there isn't all that much to say. Finally looks like Covid-19 is pretty under control here in SK and things are returning to normal again. Less and less people wearing masks. Annoys me a little to see them without masks while I am still doing my part and wearing mine. I understand it sucks and it is hot as heck now with a mask, but still. Do your part... Then again, there are way worse things going on now all around the world, the news is not nearly as shocking as it used to be as we slowly get numbed by how bad people can really be. Just a little rant. Now to look at this amazing flower and feel calm again. =P

Picture taken with a Canon EOS 700D.

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