There is a new tribe in town.

We are PhotoStreem and we have created two tokens: The PHOTO and the PHOTOM (PHOTO miner). Our goal is to use our tokens to empower the photography communities on Steemit and create a place for all photography related posts and topics on the Steem Blockchain.

If you are using the tag “photography” with your Steemit posts, chances are that your posts have already been posted on our tribe’s nitrous website.

Come and check out your PhotoStreem account on: PhotoStreem

We want the PhotoStreem Tribe to be a true community driven project and we invite all active photography communities to apply for a PHOTO delegation.

In order to jump start the PhotoStreem Tribe, we have decided to have a reversed air drop for early birds and community heroes. To become air dropped you have to buy 1 PHOTOM (PHOTO miner) during the airdrop period. The price for 1 PHOTOM during this period is 100 Steem.

  • If you buy 0.5 PHOTOM during the airdrop period you will receive 1250 staked PHOTO.

  • If you buy 1 PHOTOM during the airdrop period you will receive 2500 staked PHOTO.

  • If you buy 2 PHOTOM during the airdrop period you will receive 5000 staked PHOTO.

  • If you buy 5 or more PHOTOM during the airdrop period you will receive 12500 staked PHOTO.

The staked PHOTO received from the airdrop is not delegated but yours to keep. We strongly suggest you keep it and use those powerful votes to your advantage and to that of the photography community. But of course you are free to powerdown and sell them on the Steem-Engine market. Powerdown of staked PHOTO takes 13 weeks. Just like on Steemit.

The miner pool will be turned on when the reversed airdrop period ends

We are creating 1 million PHOTO for the airdrop.

  • 250,000 PHOTO are given as staked PHOTO POWER to the reversed airdrop participants.

  • 100,000 PHOTO are given as delegated PHOTO POWER to randomly selected steem accounts who post with the tag “photography” while the reversed airdrop period is open.

  • 350,000 PHOTO are given as delegated PHOTO POWER to selected photography projects. If you want to request for a delegation for your project, please tell us with a comment to this post.

  • 100.000 PHOTO are given as staked PHOTO POWER to the pre-aidrop team members as a reward.

  • 200.000 PHOTO are given to @swedishdragon and @news-today for founding & funding the PhotoStreem Tribe.

Post earnings on PhotoStreem are divided evenly: 50% goes to the author and 50% goes to the curators.

The amount of PHOTO miners (PHOTOM) is limited to 500 max.

We have chosen for a limited amount of miners because we believe miners are an important part in the tribe ecosystem and a small mminer group leads to involved miners.

PHOTO supply after airdrop: 2,00,000
Maximum supply: 21 Billion
Inflation: 5%: 2.5% Proof of Brain, 2.5% Mining
Inflation reduces by 0.5% each year
"reduction_every_n_block": 10512000,
“reduction_percentage”: 0.5,
Maximum amount of miners: 500
Miners issued after airdrop: 250

This means that half of the daily created new PHOTO tokens will go to the reward pool and the other half goes to the owners of the miner tokens, which gives the miner token owners a nice, passive daily income.

125 miners are sold to the reversed airdrop participants
25 miners are given to the pre-airdrop team
50 miners are given to @news-today and @swedishdragon for founding & funding the PhotoStreem Tribe.
50 miners are given to Spanish-Tribe to strengthen our sister Tribe and the Spanish community on the steem blockchain.

We have chosen for this structure with a limited amount of miners, because we believe this leads to a team of committed miners who will use their mined tokens for a part in bettering the photography community.

Airdrop Rules.

We will list 125 PHOTOM (PHOTO miners) for sale for the reversed airdrop. The price per PHOTOM is 100 Steem and the reversed airdrop period end when all 125 miners have been sold.

In order to participate in the reversed airdrop you have to:

  • Buy 0.5 or more PHOTOM (PHOTO miners) on Steem-Engine for the pre-airdrop price of 100 Steem per miner.

  • Comment to this post with “(amount) PHOTOM bought”

  • We will then reply with “airdrop participation confirmed” and stake your account with the corresponding amount of PHOTO tokens.

After the airdrop period ends you will receive your staked PHOTO in your Steem-Engine account and you will be able to stake your bought miners.

Now it is up to you, Steem users of the photography community to make PhotoStreem and the PHOTO token your own. Together with you and the participating photography projects, we can for the first time truly unite the photography communinity on the Steem blockchain.

We encourage you to use the “photography” tag with all photography related, so all your steemit posts appear on PhotoStreem as well and you can start earning PHOTO. We also encourage you to become an active curator. We believe curating is an important part of keeping our community involved and our content level high. That is why we have chosen for a 50% author and 50% curator split for all PHOTO earnings.

To get the most out of your curating efforts, we also encourage you to stake your earned PHOTO to increase your vote strength and maximize your curating earnings.

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