Announcing Lensy: Collectible, Scarce, Tokenized Photographs on Hive

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Continuing with the success of NFTShowroom, the members of the Minnow Support Project and the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network Discord Group announce another new project that is currently in alpha on Hive! We've listened to the feedback and suggestions and are proud to present Lensy. is the marketplace for scarce, collectable, tokenized photographs!

You can stay up to date with our progress by visiting as well as our official Hive blog.

Once again we are using Hive-Engine's layer 2 NFT smart contract platform to generate provably scarce, collectible, tokenized photos.

We have taken the same clean interface of NFTShowroom and created Lensy for you to sell your photographs on your terms, with your price points! Since we are integrated with the Hive blogging platform, you can use or similar interfaces to tell your story, describe your process, and adveretise your work.

We will start with a small group of verified photographers to evaluate the site UI and functionality as we did with. Once we are satisfied that things are working as intended we will open up admissions to the public. The alpha launch includes features to allow photographers to create and list NFTs for sale and can determine the level of scarcity they want with any individual piece (ie. One edition only, or multiple editions).

If you would like to be considered, please join us on our Discord Server, go to connect your Hive account with Hive Keychain, and apply for our whitelist. Please provide a link to your portfolio when applying.
At this time we are only considering photographers with portfolios.


Selling Photos

Photographers and collectors are currently able to list photos for sale at a specific price. As of this post the only selling option is a buy it now price. We are still developing the feature to allow auction style bidding.


Photographers are charged 5 Swap.Hive when tokenizing a new photo and 1 Swap.Hive for each edition (additional NFT) they would like to release.

Commission Fees

The marketplace takes a 10% commission on sales. The first time a photo is sold a 10% commission on the sale goes exclusively to @lensy.


We're currently allowing two options when tokenizing. The first is a standard sale (private) where the photographer retains full copyright. The second option allows the creator to convey Full Commercial Rights when they sell their creations. Collectors who own tokens with Full Commercial Rights are able to use the photo in commercial projects and reproduce the photo for sale.

Notably; Full Commercial Rights do not convey the ability to retokenize the photo on or any other platform as that would destroy the value for all holders.


Photographers can generate NFTs, list them for sale, and sell them on the market. @lensy will take a 10% commission on sales.


Collectors of tokenized photos can purchase limited edition artwork from photographers and display it in their collection or list it for resale on the market.


Team Members


The team is focused on improving the product throughout the Lensy experience, attracting new photographers to create on the platform, and finding new collectors interested in owning provably scarce digital collectibles.


You can follow us on Twitter:
or Instagram:

For any questions or support please visit us in our Discord

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