Digging a well after 13 years of moving to our personal house.

After 13 years of moving to our personal house, my mum was able to save enough money for my family to dig a well. Here in Nigeria, Govt water system is inactive so when a family build a house, they ensure to dig a well or borehole and pass the water into the house. Due to tbe fact that my family isn't buoyant enough, we have to fetch water from a neighbor's house and most times buy water which is very expensive. This year she told us we'll be digging a well and we were all happy about it.

To dig a well, the Laborers will be paid 65 thousand naira and almost 8 bags of cement will be used for the casting of the well. Each bag of cement cost 2,500 naira.

As the process was going on, i decided to take some pictures.


  • The first thing is for them to locate a specific place that has maximum water production through means i don't understand but mama said they uses Voodoo to detect it (lol).
  • They marked the place and make a circle to which they follow in digging the well.
  • They digged the well till they reached water. And this process took days.

  • On reaching water, they'll have to fetch out all the water from the well before digging it further as seen in the picture below.



  • This process was repeated until the water was threatening to overflow. Then they started casting the sides of the well to solidify it.


  • The metal above was used for the casting and it was tied side by side in the well to make a circle while mixed cement with gravel and sand was poured in between as seen below.



This process was repeated till they reached the top region of the well.


  • They stopped the casting at this stage and went down to continue the digging since the sides of the well is now solid. After digging, they cemented the side to solidify it and digged again. This process was repeated till they reached 32 feets then they stopped the digging.
  • They came up to complete the casting as seen below.



  • They used blocks to form a circle around the well so it'll hold the mixed cement with the metal used for the casting.




  • On the second day, the blocks were removed so it wont get stuck then the cement was allowed to dry for days.
  • The metal for casting was removed and the mixed cement was further allowed to stay for days so it will be very strong.
  • Once the mixed cement was dry, pure cement was used to smoothen the sides and a well cover was placed on it and cemented together as seen below.


  • And voila, the well digging process is complete. Although this is the stage the well is now, further things to be done is pumping out all the water from the well, allowing new water to flow out and then sterilizing the water before it can be used. Then a tower will be built where a water storex will be placed and the water will then be passed into the house.
  • Thanks for visiting my blog and have a wonderful day.
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