Went shooting photos with Leo last Sunday

We went to the Mukkula manor grounds, and had a good time. Leo took some quality photos while we were. I gave him two old prime lenses (35mm and 135mm) to practice on, and I guess he did learn too.

Silhouette of Leo practicing with the 35mm lens.

Unlike myself, who didn't come back with anything but messed up panoramas.

I mean, just what on earth happened to this photo?


Okay, I went crazy with the editing, but the parallax error is what destroyed the photo in the first place. I should find a good L-bracket for my camera and stop trying to take panoramas free-hand. 🤔

Yeah. Just wanted to make this update.

I've been playing old Commodore C64 games again. I have certain nostalgia towards them. I realize most of them are pretty much unplayable on today's standards. (Impossibly hard comes to mind. I don't remember them being that difficult when I was a kid.) They aren't often very beautiful to look at either, but I can't help but feel a sort of longing to those years I used to play them for hours on my first ever computer.

Knight Rider / C64

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