Flooding in the UK

πŸ“Έ Camera: DJI Mavic Pro (+ Polar Pro ND Lenses)
🌐 Location: The UK

If you are in the UK, you may have been impacted in the recent flooding that has been caused by the numerous human-named storms. Storm 'Ciara' was the the first biggie, it brought down lots of a trees, one right near my house narrowly missing some parked vehicles. It rained a shit load. Then 'Dennis' came along and the heavens rightly lashed buckets on us and really made 'February fill dyke' a reality. Luckily where I live the flooding has been tame, Bury St Edmunds used to flood a lot back in the day, but some well planned flood alleviation works have spared much loss into the future. It's sad to see others suffer around the country like they currently are. We shouldn't really lie in such numbers around the flood plains like this... but that is another matter for debate elsewhere.

All the flooding does however present a good opportunity to fly your drone and see the full scale of the the problem. This is also amazing evidence for flood risk studies of the future. A big part of planning for future flooding work requires good historical evidence, which drones are really playing their part.

Nice weather for ducks

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