Norwegian Landscapes - In the mood of last light


Last night of my trip I decided to spend on a high plateau with open wide view towards the surrounding mountains.
Plan was different - the plan was to get closer to my home and avoid long driving distance in the last day before my work... but when I saw the light and I realize that I will be driving looking in such beautiful sunset from my car - decision was fast.

I found the spot, I took my camera and went for a short hike catching the last light that day.

Magical sunset with golden light, interesting clouds, hazy air...

Looking for some compositions I decided to use the strongest element in the area - high tower you can see on the picture.

Without the tower the same image would look empty - I like the mood of this one, pure nature from one side and modern civilization from the other...

Hope You will enjoy the view!

End of August 2021, Northern Norway.


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