Norwegian Landscapes: Evening Into The Wild

Hello All!

Work in progress on my both calendars projects - both of them are finished - All I have to do is to put them to my web site for sale and I will show You all the details this week hopefully!

Today a picture from my latest 6-day trip to the North.

The whole area of Røssvatnet is amazingly beautiful - maybe it is not so dramatic as other regions of Norway - but it is very quiet, calm, wild, I could easily spend there a week or two just hiking, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, chilling... And there is a lot of great spots for free camping!

That evening was extremely silent - no wind, no sounds of birds, no waves, no people - when we try to hear anything, our ears begun to hurt - extreme silence in such open area is something unique - and we feel strangely weird...

So we set up a campfire pretty fast to hear the noise of burning wood... it was late evening already - and the night was starry as hell - no light pollution in the area, just some extra light from rising moon.



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