My Last Visit to Sylan #1 - Late sunset light

Hi Folks!

I drove for one night to my favorite spot in Sylan mountains - Stugudalen valley.

It was probably my last visit there - I felt strange and sad saying goodbye to that place - soon I am leaving Norway and who knows if I ever visit Sylan mountain area again...

I left home quite late - to the location have around 2 hour drive - the best light I have seen from the road, when I reached the place it was already almost over - dense, dark layer of clouds cover the sunset horizon hiding out the sun and all the colors.

I was lucky to be at place when suddenly last, deep red light from very low sun reached the mountains and lighten up some of the clouds giving them magical, red tones.


Very dark but moody, last maybe 10 minutes until all the show finished.

It was very windy but quite warm, something around 13 C degree, clouds that evening were beautiful, on the video which will appear some day in future I will show how amazing light and colors was before the sunset. Golden light on golden leaves - magical!

That was all I was able to capture in first day - or maybe evening of day one - after that I found a good spot and park my car - prepared my bed inside, and relax a bit in these wild, beautiful, deserted areas of high plains and wetlands among the mountains...

In next posts - another dose of images I took that trip. Autumn there is simply amazing so stay tuned!




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