Fire and ice baby, fire and ice! x 2 photos


Fire and ice baby, fire and ice!

You know that feeling of adrenaline you get when you're about to start a fire? Yeah that's what you'll be feeling as soon as you read this blog post. I'm writing because, as a fellow pyromaniac, I think you're going to want to take advantage of this opportunity.

Burn baby burn.... In case you're wondering what I'm talking about, I kinda wonder the same thing as well. I am just starting to ramble on about fire and ice...

I have very mixed feelings about the relationship between fire and ice. It seems to me that they are constantly in conflict, but also rely on each other to survive. Fire is the only way to purify water for drinking, so without fire, many people in the world would not be able to survive. Fire is also an important source of light in the night time, which makes it possible to see and protect oneself from predators. Ice is essential in maintainingvast sheets of sea ice, and hence keeps the Earth's atmosphere happy, and it also keeps food fresh in the refrigerator -- without ice, we would die? Together, fire and ice would form a perfect world, but they are constantly fighting, lovers who can never entangle without destroying each other.

Why am I on this rambling rampage today? why did you get on this bus with me, when obviously I looked like a madman out of the asylum? That is a good question.

I took several photos the other day, one of a hot drink and one of the cool drink... and want to share these with you, as the "photos of the day", but instead of just regurgitating the photos up, like a penguin might do with a fish... I thought it would be more fun to talk about silly things for a moment before presenting the two-course meal that is the daily photos.

So put on your dining bib and get ready for two photos.

  • Bon appétit.

The Daily Photos

Here is a iced Vietnamese coffee, it was taken in the morning while overlooking the river.


In contrast, here is the hot drink, taken at night, overlooking the bar.


I have some new assignments coming up that I fear I may be getting busy, however I do want to try to at least make a post every day that is mildly clever.

Thank you for joining me and I hope your day is filled with both hot and cool things~

Much love!




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