Existence is Magic

Did you ever have the experience of lying in bed thinking about the absurdity of our society caring about drama, gossip & politics while your own (and everyone else's) life is magic, a gift and death is the ultimate & guaranteed end?


The absurdity in which our society generalizes the wonder of existence and enforces the daily routine of working ~8 hours a day, eating and floating into entertainment/fun just to resume the same procedure the next day. As if this were to go on forever.

Thinking about the reality of death feels like the inside of a book trying to catch a glimpse of its own cover. Not in the way of repeating a quote. Realizing truthfully and honestly that our human existence (what we call I) will ultimately come to an end sometime in the future.

There are different ways to deal with death of course. Alan Watts's philosophy is quite remarkable.

I guess it also depends on the persons' faith & religion.

What I want to highlight within this post though is my own current view in regards to how everything becomes so much more real within the context of how life is like a drop falling from a cloud to the surface - the way down is life.

Our society, similar to the Matrix in "The Matrix", is creating the repetitive belief that our life is nothing special (possibly because it's easier for humans to deal with reality by not dealing with it) while the complete opposite is true. Existence is magic. Real magic.

And I, for one, want to live my life consciously/aware, with this thought in mind; fulfilling my potential - in life, professionally & spirituality. I'm not sure where the road will lead, but my gut tells me that things will ultimately make sense; even if they don't at the moment.

Over the last few days, ruminating about death, I also had to think of my grandmother who passed away last year.

How grateful I am for her and her positive impact in my life and also my ancestors, many of whom I sadly never got to know and whose stories faded into the shadows but whose gifts were forwarded and are living on.

I'm grateful.

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