How Are You Measuring Success Today?

What if we measure today's success or progress by how much we evolve our consciousness? Thomas Campbell describes that process as removing entropy to increase our capacity for love. What if that is the measuring stick? Not how much money is made or what challenges arise or what deals are closed, but all about how we react to various situations. Something "good" or something "bad" happen? How do we respond? What new triggers can we discover and use as guides to find new areas of avoidance in our awareness? What discomfort can we lean into? What egoic pride or arrogance emerges as we accomplish something important through our diligence and hard work? What new dynamics unfold which require a complete reset of expectations and how well do we flow with it like water? How do we respond to our attachments exposed as our intentions toward them are either fulfilled or unfulfilled? What truths are we avoiding until the dial hits 11 and there's no chance of focusing on anything else? What lessons are set before us to learn today?

I have a theory about this "consciousness training simulator" we're in that goes something like, "You don't have to experience the lesson plan for lessons you've already learned." I don't fully get how this works. Maybe you tested out in a previous life, I don't know. The main idea being you may not require some terrible thing or some wonderful thing to happen in your life because you've already refined your awareness to remove the entropy that might otherwise be exposed by such an event. So what's the result? More peace, tranquility, bliss, and sincere appreciation and gratitude for everything.

One of the lessons I feel is set before me to learn is how to step out of the daily grind or "rat race" as many call it while still meeting my own genuinely important expectations and the expectations of those who rely on me. It's a dance which involves letting the universe flow through me with effortless action and something akin to the concepts behind the word "faith" while remaining responsible, trustworthy, diligent, dependable and the like. But even those words… how much is tied into an egoic understanding of "this is who Luke Stokes is"? To the extent the work that I'm meant to do is important and actually matters, I think I'll find out.

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