Hive Learners

Learn Hive thoroughly Be a good Hivian

Welcome To Hive Learners Community. We are aiming to create a friendly environment where we will learn, teach & improve our skill together and thrive in the Hive Blockchain.

We will be following a dynamic roadmap where every user will go through different stages of tasks & homeworks which will help them to gain more knowledge about Hive Blockchain and basic tips & ideas about blogging.

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- User must make a proper introduction post to be a verified member in the community.

- After passing the verification phase the user must partake in some certain learning stages and have to successfully complete those phases

- We will support any type of blogging content that is made with enough efforts dedication. But religious or political related contents will be ignored.

- Try to keep engagement with others. Show proper respect to everyone. Post must contain minimum 150-200 words to get curated. We wont support the posts that are created with low efforts.

- Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. If anyone get caught while doing this heinous act we will lebel him as 1st warning. If he get caught again hell be muted banned from the community.

- Lastly and most importantly lets enjoy learn while blogging in this community and Thrive Together.

- Use your country tag in first 4 tags while posting. For example: if you are from India, use india tag in your first 4 tags

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