Stock Images

Stock images by Hive artists for the use of Hivers, allowing us to reward them for their work.

Every day on Hive authors are using stock images. I use them on occasion myself and when I add that source link as a thank you to the creator of that image on the free stock photo sites I wish I could give them a percentage beneficiary from that post. Except they probably don't have an account on Hive, so I can't.

Yet Hive has lots of talented artists and photographers. What if they wanted to offer some of their work up for use by other Hivers for the chance of a return of a percentage beneficiary every time someone used that picture? We could then be supporting our own content creators and giving these artists an ongoing income stream for their efforts.

We accept and encourage all images be it photography, graphic designs, illustrations, gifs etc.


- Before posting in the community, please read through the pinned posts so that you know how to post and what you should or shouldn't post.

- No plagiarism!

- No NSFW images!

- Be honest about your content, if we can't trust, you will be muted in the community.

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