Steps to Develop Children's Interest in Reading


This is indeed not difficult to do if parents know the right steps. This is very important because reading interest will affect their psychology, growth, and education. Take a look at children who like to read and don't like it, there must be some differences. Like, those who like to read will tend to be active and easy to understand the lesson.

The word interest in psychological terms means as an important role in life and has a great influence on behavior and attitudes. It can be said as a driving force or motivation to do something you want. The size of the interest can be known from the resulting response.

For this reason, developing children's interest in reading is very important, moreover, the right steps have been taken since childhood, so that interest in reading will continue to become a habit until adulthood, so reading will become a personal pleasure and not only done when needed.

Reading interest includes encouragement for someone to do, pay attention, feel pleasure in reading activities. If it is like that, then there is a special willingness to read and it will make it wider in knowledge and more rational in communicating.

Steps to Develop Children's Interest in Reading

To develop children's interest in reading, parents need to implement the steps below which will be mentioned. This is sometimes overlooked by parents, so they do not consider reading an important activity. Whereas reading is a window to the world, a storehouse of all knowledge.

  1. Listening to Reading
    Small trees are easier to shape than trees that have grown up, that's the analogy for learning with children. A child who has been accustomed to love reading from a young age, surely this interest is stronger than when asked to like it as an adult.
    Developing a child's interest in reading can be done like reading them a fairy tale before going to sleep because, at a young age or a baby, they certainly cannot read directly. For that, parents must instill it through hearing. What is heard will be recorded automatically and move the brain activity, so that the planting is stronger, because the child's brain is more easily stimulated.

  2. Proper Reading Material
    A child will not like it if asked to read a book that only contains writing, because the world of children is a world for playing. The first time you learn to read, you will quickly feel bored, if it is not interspersed with playing or other things that become his favorite.
    Each of them has their preferences, for example, they like the Doraemon cartoon character. So, parents can buy educational learning games with these characters. That way, the learning process becomes very enjoyable. Because in addition to learning, children can play and see their favorite cartoon characters. This step can develop a child's interest in reading and will not make it forceful.

  3. Let the Children Choose
    In addition to buying appropriate reading materials, parents should also not force them to follow their will. Let choose what he likes, if you prefer reading with games, then buy something like that. If you prefer picture stories, then don't be forced to go elsewhere.
    The selected reading material will develop children's interest in reading because it will make them happy to do these activities. The role of parents is also needed, namely accompanying children to study or read. So, if there is a problem, parents can help. Sometimes something difficult will let him down, so parents should be there to help.

  4. Seeing in terms of ability
    Books read by children must be adjusted to the ability of the child's brain, so as not to feel heavy to understand the contents of the reading. Children's brain abilities are different, some are easy to understand something even difficult, some are slow to understand it.
    Parents should know what abilities their children have so that it is easier to develop their children's interest in reading. Don't ignore his abilities or don't want to know about them at all, because that will have a bad effect on the education given and may teach them the wrong way.

  5. Create a Study Room
    The existence of a special study room will make children feel more comfortable and can concentrate more on what they are learning or reading. Sometimes a child finds it difficult to concentrate in a crowd and feels disturbed by the noise around him, then a study room is a right solution.
    Providing a special study room will also make children feel special so that they are more enthusiastic in learning and of course that way can develop an interest in reading in children. His interest in reading will increase because a comfortable and quiet room has been provided.

  6. Giving Understanding That Reading Is Important
    Parents must be able to make children understand if reading is very important. This understanding is not only conveyed through long lectures but also on the behavior of the parents themselves. If parents don't think reading is important and never even do reading activities, of course, children will also find it difficult to understand that reading is important.
    The family is the most important place in the development of children's education. Therefore, whatever is done by the family, especially parents, will surely be imitated and can become a habit as well. So, the way to make children understand is to start with the parents first. That way, parents will easily develop their children's interest in reading through explanations about the importance of reading.

  7. Go with the Kids to the Library
    If parents are in a low economy and cannot buy a lot of reading materials, they can take them to the library. There, there will be many books that can be read and parents can continue to accompany them. They can do reading activities together and make reading activities more fun.
    Going to the library can not only develop children's interest in reading but will also apply the positive thing that going to the library is a good thing. Take only one day a week to take the child to the library, if both parents are busy with work. This is better than ignoring reading activities in children.

Those are some easy steps or ways for parents to apply. If having an active and intelligent child is a dream, then the role of parents must be in it, so that they can feel the result that it is also because of their upbringing role as a parent.

If only every parent was aware of the importance of developing children's reading interest, surely this world would be surrounded by generations who have broad insight and love to read, and will become the majority in every country. So that the habit of reading will also spread to the surrounding community who do not consider reading important.

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